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Hello people from the Internet! :)

  1. I did not change my blog layout. I just create another blog and import my old entries to this blog. You can still visit my old blog @ http://buriedth-past.blogspot.com/

  2. Don't judge me! I barely even use a second to think of that link. I just need a link to save my old blog.

  3. Tell me what you think about my new blog layout etc. I don't like to mess with the codes and all, esp when I'm this busy. Thus, I just make it very simple. I repeat, VERY SIMPLE.

Just only few updates~ I miss blogging and all. I have so much inspiration to blog and all but when I finally have got time to blog, I don't remember anything! I feel like killing myself.

Recently, I found myself in sort of a 'mid-life crisis' situation. No, I'm only 17 but sometimes I think my life is too much and I can't take it. But you know what, I'll spare you the ranting and all.

P/S I've edited my comment settings~ You can post bullshits here if you want.

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