Walk in like a boss

by - 7:11 PM


Guess what? I'm blogging from school right now. Having a massive headache, I'm so depressed. In this IT class that I don't even know how to do. We were learning access software but I got so fed up as I can't even follow the class. The teacher talked so chimerlogy, I barely catch a word.

Last week I missed the first lesson for excel software and the submission of my access work. Thank god my work was with Joanne. But I sorta miss the start of the lesson for excel so I'm kinda lost right now.

To add on this mess, I woke up around 9 plus this morning. I thought my class begin at 11am so I slowly go prepare. My sister came this morning and we sorta chit chat for awhile and I left my house around 10.10am. I didn't even rush at all!

I took the bus and I received a message from Joanne asking if I'm coming or not. I told her I am but I didn't think too much. It was until I feel something was amiss. I knew my class duration is 3 hours and my break was 1pm. So how can it start from 11?

I went to check my timetable in my iPod then I realised... I OH MY GOD. I was late for already 45mins and I thought I was on time! Godammit! Hahahaha actually it was quite funny.

I just entered the classroom awhile ago and it was super epic. Everyone was looking at me. Teacher marked me late for an hour and asked me why I was so so late.

As usual, I'm good at this type of shit. Like cmon, I'm not called 'Late Queen' for nothing, alright? I simply told her that I've got stomachache in the morning. Which was true as well. I was having stomachache and headache which my headache is still bugging me now.

This shit sucks. I went back to my seat and I'm so fucking blur 'cause I don't know anything and everyone else is listening. What the fuck this is bullshit?


P/S My horoscope is right. My December is not good and it is not gonna be good as well. OH CRAP.

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