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Hey all, I kinda went missing for awhile again huh? Hahaha I've a damn good reason for it. My plans for my 2 weeks term break didn't even happen at all.

Firstly, my mum went overseas to Taiwan with my elder sister and her husband. Then since the start of my holiday, I went back to Punggol Sec to work for Uncle Lim. Besides that, I'm all stuck with cleaning and washing of my clothes and all these. Since my mum was not home, I gotta pick up all the skills and learn them by myself. It wasn't hard but it was tiring, especially when you're back from work and you gotta clean your own shit up.

However my mum is back now. I didn't sleep yesterday night just to wait for her to pick up her luggages. It seems that my mum kinda enjoys herself quite a lot. But she complains to us nonstop about her suffering in the flight 'cause budget airline doesn't have any food to eat and she had to eat cup noodles instead.

I just let her complain though. I've been eating cup noodles for a week now since she left for Taiwan 'cause I'm too lazy to cook. I actually bought food from kopitam for a day since I gotta go back Poly for project meeting and I've gotta buy my phone card in Compass. Why not just buy everything?

Then I realised I was out of cup noodles, then I went to NTUC last Friday, I think. With Jeslyn, we headed down to Hougang Mall NTCU to shop. Actually we only went there 'cause Marilyn wanted to play JuBeat.

Jeslyn was kinda pissed off because Marilyn's money was confiscated by her mum and Cherlyn didn't even bring money to lend her. Oh btw, Cherlyn is Marilyn's elder sister. We are all working together with Uncle. Marilyn said she was sabo'd by Cherlyn who told their mum Marilyn anyhow threw her $50 in the house. Whatever, then Marilyn told Cherlyn she can go home already after realizing she doesn't have enough cash to lend her.

It was actually quite funny though. Cherlyn pouted and went off. But end up, I have to lend Marilyn 8 bucks. Waiting for her pay to come so that I could get my cash back. I am facing a fanancial crisis here hello, thus the inner cheapskate me is release! Bwahahahaha!

Went to NTUC with Jeslyn and we shopped like some aunties. We didn't have NTUC card, thus we stood there and waited like a badass dog for someone to lend us. Thank god we are 17 years old little girls, an old couple lend us their card in the end.

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