The Last Entry of 2011

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Okay, since everyone's making such a big deal about the last day of 2011 be it in Facebook or Twitter, so I shall blog "The Last Entry of 2011".

Cheesie was so recaping what she had done in 2011 but I don't think I would do that. Had she travelled 11 countries in 12 months and I did none of these, making me looked like I have a sad life.

So, what did I really do this year?

1. Long holiday thanks to post O's.
2. Tried to work in an arcade, which sucked, horribly.
3. Shopped till I dropped.
4. Order things from online for the first time, excluding Singapore blogshops.
5. Found a new job and maintain for so many months.
6. Got into Nanyang Polytechnic, School Of Business Management.
7. Meet new people (still hoping to meet more awesome people)
8. Attended JJ Lin Jun Jie's Coming Home Concert 2011 ♥
9. Attempting to bling a iPhone case
10. Got a new phone (which I don't even like)
11. Have Rilakuma head plush toy
12. Bought a lot of new clothes that ended up not wearing
13. Chopped off my hair and regretted it.
14. Got my 1st ever laptop!
15. Spent money like mad, REAL MAD.
16. Attended my sister's wedding for the 2nd time.
17. Survived 8 days at home without my mum!
18. Fall in love with English dramas ♥
Whatever, I can't think anymore! But 1 thing that hasn't changed in my life is that I am still


LOL, seriously I'm about to spend the last day of 2011 home alone, maybe not, if you include my mum. Damn, I need a life.

For Year 2012, since everyone is making New Year resolutions which I jolly well know I won't even hit any goals I set for myself, but I'm making it anyway, BITCH!

• Don't get a haircut! Maybe trimming but never chop my hair ever!
• Save enough money to get a Lumix or something? Die also want a camera.
• iPhone 5. Enough said.
• Dye my hair with my mum's permission. Sick and tired of my old black hair, can't my mum just let it go? Maybe I should ask her to make this in her New Year resolution: Allow my daughter to dye her hair.
• Able to wear contact lens properly.
• Improve my makeup skills
• Projects will be easier, which I know it won't be, but whatever.
• Get my own room, let my ears rest from hearing my mum's snores.
• Get my own table, so that I won't have to sit in front of the television to use my laptop and have to watch stupid Taiwan dramas with my mum.
• Have more friends! Know more people! Know more bloggers!
• Be mean to people. Why is this in my resolution? 'Cause I'm too frigging nice to everyone that most of them are climbing up and doing a pole dance on my head! But I know I won't, because Pisces are kind souls.
• Have the most AWESOME 18th birthday party.
Someone sponsor me a plastic surgery for my nose? Sobs.

I think this list is not resolutions anymore, it's more like a wish list. Dammit. I gave up, I'm not continuing this anymore.
Thus, wishing everyone a


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