Outings with Lynn

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Recently went out with Lynn.. actually not recently but quite awhile ago but I'm too dead and lazy to edit photos and do up an entry. We went to NYP K-Attack together with Kelvin too.

Here are the photos!!

Sadly no photo taking are allow, so we only can take this after the concert. Plus it was super epic, we were sitting in the first row. Super regret cause we can't see the people performing but a bunch of chairs. Blame Kelvin for being so indecisive of going! Hahaha!


Then after the concert end, we went back exit to see them but we are not some fan girls or what. Then we left without Kelvin and went to settle our dinner. We walked for like 2 hours before deciding what to eat. This was at Suntec City Hall linkway whatever you called that. It was newly opened back then and we overheard people talking about it so we kpo a bit and went to try. It was alright but I find it too salty.

This is Lynn's

This is mine!

Then we went out to NEX again! I forgot why were we there but I think it was for a movie? No? Totally forgot but I rememebered she showed me this cute guy working at the phone accserories shop outside the theater and I ended up buying from him a mirror screen protector. I missed my old mirror but somehow this is way better. I used my old protector for like 1.5 years already, can't believe how time actually flew so fast!

Back to the main topic, then we settle dinner and go home. Wait! So fast? I've no idea, hahaha! Well, here's a photo!

394635_2643041188094_1017533330_2735048_1902700180_n - Copy

Taken by her iPhone 4 white since my crocky phone is so crock up. Someone has to give me a damn camera, goddamit!

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