Work work work!

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I mentioned that I went to my secondary school to work right? & I don't even have time to start on my projects. I'm so damn screwed.

Last Thursday was the sec 1 registration day and I was one of the in-charge for the whole uniform selling thing. After that day then I realised I love to serve customers rather than sitting behind and doing all the behind the scene thing. I was supposed to be calculating the money but I saw the newcomers are handling customers and few of them are so slow. I went to help one of them which wasn't suppose to be called as newcomer already. All of the working days she didn't com tribute much and she was always MIA from the classroom and she can tell me she don't know how to measure. We are selling uniform, you tell me you don't know how? Some of them are alright, but are too slow. The queue was super long and they said they can handle it but I was worry for them. Parents are one of them most scariest things on Earth. If you are too slow, they might bite your head off. Hahaha!

This year didn't have much drama so it was alright. But I realised this year was boring. There are a lot of people and it was so awkward.

Siying brought along her Polaroid cam along and we took a photo of us.

x2_9f43d70 (1)

(from left) Siying, Rachel, Jocelyn, Rachel, Me

I realized I was the only person with fringe down. If I have my fringe up, I won't even want to take photo please, ha! So we have 3 Rachels working together, little confusing though.

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