2012 Resolutions

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Okay guys, maybe my resolutions for 2012 has been too more like a wishlist, like Qiu Qiu's. Hahaha! So I think I should do a proper one, although I doubt I would maintain for the whole year anyway, ha! These are the resolutions for my own. Hope the resolutions would be maintain as long as possible as these are good for me!

1. Drink more water

I know this sounds so weird but I am a person that hardly drink any water. Water as in plain water... or any water. Hahaha! I could go a whole day not drinking water and come back home having throat pain etc. Plus, with more water, it's better for your body. It can cleasn all the toxic in your body and you would then have lesser pimples! So, hopefully I could keep this in my mind all the time to drink water. But sometimes I'm too focus in something.. like ahem YouTube ahem, so the next thing I know, four to five hours have passed. Gosh, this is so not good at all!

2. Eat more vegetable

As said above, this is also good for body! Also, I can shit better next time! Hahahaha! Seriously, no one likes veggies but maybe I should go buy more Yong Tau Foo next time and pick more veggies instead of all the fried food.

3. Study

Yessss! This is the one I bet I die also wouldn't do it. Oh please, where can I find my time to study? Hahaha! Online too much and I spend too much stuffs elsewhere, like working and going out. Social life + Internet life = no sleep + cui results DAMN! :( My exams are next week all the way to my holidays, I should be studying, not online and 'Tubing!

4. Save up more

I rarely work nowadays since exams are coming up and I'm spending more than I should, thus my bank is going to have a negative value soon. Damn, MONEY Y U NO DROP FROM SKY?! Sobs!! So basically, spend on things that are needed. Like books, pens, food and transportations. No more buying clothes and shoes... and most importantly, stop buying cosmetics! Whenever I see cheap cosmetics, I would buy, but I would ended up spending all my assets away 'cause it's so cheap, who wouldn't want to buy them all? Cosmetics, gotta buy 'em all! NOT! :(

5. Be less emotional

Often, I feel that I would be so emotional that anything I see that was touching, I would like cry! Watched T-ara's Cry Cry MV also cry. Wtched Supernatural, Castiel died, I cried. Watched Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair got into car accident also cried. I should stop that, or my eyes might murder me. Hahahaha!

Also, whenever I got pissed off, I would bottled my feelings inside me and this upsets me, like A LOT. Whenever I am pissed off or upset, I keep my feelings to myself and this ended up making me cry alone. I should be better at facing and dealing these kinds of things.

6. Lastly, because I can't think of any.. Ignore the bad, and care for the good

There are people who want to bring me down and there are people that I cherish. This week, I received an advise from my dear XT sister and it does cleared up my mind and calmed me down by A LOT. I was feeling super emotional and super pissed, like Brendon having moodswing. Thank god I texted XT sister and she said,

"...Don't stoop to their level. Singapore has freedom of speech so you're
allowed to say whatever you want. Since they wanna stoop down to such low
childish level then let them xiasuay themselves. :)"

Best advise so far in 2012. XT sister has matured a lot, seriously. Rp has taught her things uh? Hahaha, then I should have gone Rp? Meh, don't talk about the past, make your own future.

Well, saying that, I should prolly go cook myself some maggie mee and get to work on my projects or my marketing mates will murder me.

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  1. XD I never really make resolutions, but since 2012 might be the end of the world (lol.), I decided to make one so at least I can die and have done something ~ haha!!

  2. Hahs, yeah why not make one since we don't know what surprises 2012 would bring us :)