Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp!!!

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How's every one's Chinese New Year? For those non-Chinese, take this time as a day off or two from work and relax!

However, my New Year isn't that great. But still, it's quite nice to have a holiday after all who aren't sick and tired of school and work? I'll update my New Year in another post soon, hopefully. Hahaha. Most of my school projects are over, but my 'end-of-semester' exams are coming. Those are heavily weighted, if I failed them, there goes my year 2!

Well, last Friday I went to watch We Not Naughty with Yi Ling, Joanne and Ding Chao at Nex! I was late because I'm so frigging tired. My Friday sucks, no party, late release from school. I went back home to change around 5pm and was supposed to meet them at Nex at 6pm but I rest too much and by the time I went there it was 7.10pm. I was quite pissed off because when I tried to contact them, none of them actually pick up my call. Was super fed up because Joanne told me they just got up their bus at 6 plus so I thought I could rest awhile too. Anyway, my house to Nex is only 15minutes away or so.

Initially we wanted to go Orchard to catch the movie and go kino instead. But it was so frigging late and they intend to go home and change. So I was like by the time I go there would already be so late. Their houses are at Ang Mo Kio, going home from Town won't take long but mine is sooooo far. That's why we went to Nex instead.

Was late for the movie because they only told me the timing of the moive at 6:45pm which I was still at home, going out. The movie starts at 7pm, I was rushing so much please.

Then we went to Chomp Chomp to eat dinner and we saw Cleon there too. As a super gossip girl, I waved to him and pointed Yi Ling and Ding Chao. Hahahaha!


A picture of me and Yi Ling. I'm too lazy to edit my fat face and the lighting. Hahahah!

The epic fail thing was when I mentioned to Ding Chao to go Chomp Chomp to eat, both Yi Ling and Joanne asked me what's Chomp Chomp. Yi Ling said she heard of it and asked if it is restaurant or what. I died from laughing please. Ding Chao mocked Joanne all the way while she used Yi Ling's phone to google for it.

When we reached there, I asked Joanne what she wanted to eat, she pointed across the table, say she wanted to eat porriage. Both Ding Chao and I responded with a 'HUH?!'.

End up we ordered fried oyster, satays, fried kway tiao, chicken wings and 2 bottles of beer. Yi Ling and Joanne said she doesn't eat chicken wings, dirty their hands. I find them quite... weird. But Yi Ling kept dropping food on the new bag I got for her because she don't know how to hold chopsticks. Throw Chinese faces please! Hahahaha!

Okay, I shall end off here with a picture of Ding Chao and Yi Ling aka the famous orange couple in my class. Hahahaha! XOXO ;)


Damn I feel like eating it again -_-

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