It's 2012!

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Hey guys! So how was your New Year? Did you celebrate with your friends? Got wasted? Or simply stay home and be #foreveralone? Ha!

Don't worry, I was actually staying at home because all my friends are like campers. We support #teamforeveralone. Maybe that's why Brendon is still single. Oops~

So I ended up going out *thank god* and this was the 1st time I celebrate New Year outside! Yay me~ Alright, no more wordy wordy.

IMG_0367 - Copy (2)

As usual, I like to take the head shot. Bang! No, I'm kidding nuts. I can't believe I actually took only an hour or even less to edit these photos. This shows how much I care hahahah! Or maybe.. No I won't even start.

Okay, I was back from cooking my cup noodles.. where was I????

Oh yeah, we meet quite late, thanks to your highness here troll. No, I won't be that late *9pm* if they have just stop calling me and texting me nonstop. Officially hates my ringtone. What? Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

It was super annoying when she goes "Have I died..." No bitch, you died, I'm busy, shut up! Lol. Have to redo my makeup because as an insensible boy, Donovan refused to stop calling.

Dear guys, if we have time to pick up your call to answer your stupid questions, we rather spend time on doing our makeup or finding that dress that went missing for ages. & use your brains, I'm sure you know where we were when you call, stop calling every 5 seconds to ask us, it's not as if we teleport right? Gosh, that was harsh ha.

Then we went to Vivo and stupid me wanted to buy GongCha and we realised it was closed AFTER we went up to sky garden or rooftop garden, whatever that's called, and went BACK down again. Then we waited for Momo to end her work and rush here.

Lynn told us she knew this guy that asked her if she wanted to go PH. He said his friend's had guest list. Then we realised it was him. That guy who came into our lives and created a total mess then left without a clue. It was back when we were secondary 2 and I refused to keep any contact with him or anyone he knows.

That stupid guy, I was just nice conplaining to Lynn about him and she told me about her friend she met online, totally never met before. She then showed me his Facebook photo, which then, I got a shock of my lifetime. Hahaha!

He called her to ask her to decide. I think at first he doesn't mind her friends going with her but after that he realised WE know him and dying to find out who we are. I took the phone and told him our names and he knew.

Then he sorta hung the call. After awhile, Lynn texted him asking him if we were to go, is there available slot in the list. He said only left 1 slot. Oh please, you just want Lynn to go alone. I die also wouldn't let my dear friend near you.

To add on, you've already have a girlfriend. When Lynn asked you, you said no. I don't know when was it but I know your girlfriend too. This is so damn funny. I wonder what would happen if I tell your girlfriend what you told to Lynn.

Enough of that nonsense, back to photos!



Brendon went to Timezone to play. Sadly I thought he was playing Jubeat. It's okay, I can play next time. Stupidly, he almost made us missed the countdown and fireworks. I didn't took any photos or video of the fireworks, it was too small, sobs.

Then Donovan broke off with Tyanhuey just nice when the clock hits 12. That was the most epic breakup in history ever. But seriously, we all find her quite... controlsive. We were playing games with Donovan's iPhone, she called, we picked up told her Donovan was in washroom, but she choose to disbelieve us. She text him, which was received by us, "i know you are there you bring your phone everywhere you go". Well actually her English was super lousy, I kinda improve it so that my readers could understand. Then we texted her back saying he was in the washroom. She texted back scolding us. I replied her, 'brush up your language skills before speaking to me.' She said we were being very mean and it offends her. If she choose to fucking believe, I bet she wouldn't got dumped in the first place.

But I must say, it's kinda super sad, dumped by boyfriend straight away when clock hits 12. To make it worst, it was the new year. Whatever, juicy's over, back to my life.


We went drinking, thanks to Yuan Yuan and Lina for buying it for us. Brendon was like saying 7 eleven don't sell drinks after midnight. Bullshit, in the end we are sitting happily drinking. Although the drink kinda taste like cough syrup and it was only 8%, it managed to get Donovan drunk. What the vuck right?

Then we took the stupid night rider bus home which took so frigging long, like about 1 hour plus? We went back Orchard Road and I finally can see the Christmas lights. So sad that I missed it, but whatever, there's still next year. I was #teamforeveralone when Xmas. Thank god I could spent my New Year with friends.

Back to photos!


Brendon and Momo


Momo and Lynn
IMG_0366 - Copy - Copy

& lastly, ended with Lynn and me!

Do how was your New Year? Did you have fun?

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