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When is Chinese New Year uh? WHAT?! NEXT WEEK?? U KIDDING ME BRO? Oh no, FML~ Time passes so fast, uh?

I'm so screwed! CNY is coming and I've absolutely no time to shop for new clothes! You see, just nice all my projects and assignments are due this and next week, which means I've to wear all my old clothes for New Year. Wait- NOOOOOOOOOOO!! I'm so not gonna do that! *face palm*


Nevous look all over my face, can't you see?
You're facing the same problem? Y WE SO BUSY?


Fret not boys and girls! There's something called "ONLINE SHOPPING"!!!!! Yes, the power of shopping online, for now you can purchase anything, no, EVERYTHING ONLINE! :} Isn't it great?

You're unsure of where to shop? Don't worry, Angelus here to help~ Go for Jipaban then! With Jipaban, you need not squeeze yourself into departmental stores to grab for all the clothes. You also need not let other people's sweaty bodies rub you through your shopping trips.

People like me, SUPER BUSY? Don't panic! Working in your office? Look out for your boss, no he's not here? Quick, click Jipaban! Doing project reports? Save it and take 5 minutes off! Have a cup of coffee and relax!~ If I were to have a $100 Jipaban voucher...

Phew~ Wait, what? What's the problem now? I'm busy shopping in Jipaban too, you know! Oh, there are too many things to choose from and you need my help again?

Since I'm in such an awesome good mood, I shall help you a little ;)

I know they sell many different style and design of clothes, but you want to wear something that make you feel you're in CNY mood? Or are you scared you buy the wrong type of clothes and let your relatives take wooden cane and run after you? Hehe.



source from

There are still a few to choose from.. Okay, I think I know which one is my favourite one!!! It's from THEME 4 SHANGHAI ROSE LOOK 3! (



Why I pick this? 'Cause this is simple looking and I can wear it out next time since it's so casual. Another reason I pick this is because of the heels. Gosh, look at the heels, it's so elegent and pretty. *gaga*

Well~ So is your problem solved now? No? Why?! Oh 'cause you're a guy? Okay okay, check this out then! (



Well well well, how is your shopping experience with Jibapan? If you haven't go there yet, do so now! Why wait! They are giving away sweet prizes too ;) *wink wink*

If I manage to win that $100 voucher, I would not only buy CNY clothes but more!!! & I'll force all my friends to buy the clothes and shoes with me too! Muahahaha!!

I'm checking out for my CNY attire and more! So join
me at

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  1. The peach colored dress is so pretty !! ^^ But I usually just wear my old clothes for Chinese New Year because I'm super busy >.< I don't know how to shop online (or even know if my mom will allow me) and mixing and matching is enough. :)

    Uhm... I don't know what age you are already but I'm younger. XD 十三岁 this July 16 XD haha ~

  2. Sorry for late reply, yeah I love the peach maxi dress too ^^ Maybe you should get permission from your mom first? Although I didn't get my mom's permission.. hahaha!

    I'm 18 this year :)