Busy Studying Week! Mug Mug Mug!

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Warning: All the photos below are unedited, sorry if it burns your eyes! HAHHAA!

Hello guys, I'm back after a sudden missing in action! Guess what, I've the perfect reason for it, I was busy studying! For real, I was studying, no joke please although I'm sure I'm still gonna flunk them all anyway.

Hence, this post *might be a long post* would be about my exciting exam study break weeks. *I don't think it's that interesting please*

Okay, as you know I prolly wouldn't start my first day of study week studying... and you're totally right! Monday, 13 Feb, I went out to have lunch with XT, Donovan and Brendon! Seoul Garden please bitches! Hahaha! Okay, I'm getting all too used to eating these type of food, gotta maintain or I'm gonna be worse than a pig!

& I noticed whenever I go out with my secondary school clique, I hardly take any photos, maybe cause it's hard to grab photos taken from them after the outing and they dislike taking photos.

Alright, now going to a more interesting date...

14 Feb 2012!!! WOOOOO~ It's that overrated Tuesday where couples have the perfect reasons to PDA everywhere and the #foreveralones can emo together in a corner. Of course, I'm joining the #teamforeveralone but I was called out by Veron to study Stats in school.

At first I was like... "Waaa?" Spend my Valentines' Day with my dear Stats lecture notes? How romantic! But I went to school anyway 'cause I'm a steady person alright! But sadly, I woke up late and actually wanna stay at home. But I open my Twitter App and saw the horoscope tweets saying Pisces would be a bless kid on Valentines' Day. Being superstious, of course, I prepare to head to school. Be it blessful or not, one must at least head outside and see it for myself right!

Don't really think I was that blessful anyway 'cause by the time I reached school, Annabella and Veron said they were gonna leave soon, mange to chat with them for awhile only. Hence I was thrown in school. Yay! So much for #foreveralone in school! But anyway, Ming Chuen and Kelvin was there also, so at least I'm not alone alone. We are together alone! Hurhur! Okay no more lame jokes...

Then I spent my Valentines' Day afternoon and evening with my Stats and Kelvin was surfing Facebook.. *as usual* then cheapo him saw that Starbucks ad thing and the cheapos us packed our bags and went to Tampines Starbucks instead. HAHAHAHAHA! Cheap goods and services kills a budget student.

However, because we had to walk from NYP to AMK hub and take an hour bus ride to there, we ended up missing the bloody thing but we bought Starbucks anyway. Hugs my White Chocolate Frap!

428985_10150825327114128_819044127_12619555_755302130_n - Copy

But that was when the trouble starts.....

I ended up unable to sleep for the WHOLE BLARDY NIGHT and managed to sleep for 2 hours from 7 in the morning to 9 and head to school to study with.. wait with who uh? OH! I went to school and find Shannen and Kaixin and they gave me a flower. Aw so sweet of them :) XOXO. Then that Kelvin after drinking coffee, he can sleep till afternoon, like a no effect! Argh! I was super tired please!

Then continuing studying for Stats with Ming Chuen and Kelvin while Xiu Zhen went home early. Then around evening, we are stupidly stupid enough to WALK to AMK hub and take an hour ride bus to Tampines again because Kelvin wanted Starbucks again and he die also don't want go Compass one. But MC stay around Tampines area so we pick there, travel easier.

Sadly we ended up buying Koi instead of Starbucks, hahaha! My greentea~, then dinner and home.

Next day, 16 Feb 2012, same old thing, studying Stats with Xiu Zhen, Kelvin and MC in school again. Boring~

Then dang dang! Stats paper on 17th and I'm sure I killed it until section C cause I don't have time to finish it. Argh dang it!

It's okay, one paper down, 2 more to go~ Then the nice me invited Kelvin and Xiu Zhen over my house to study POA. See me so sweet right! Let them see my messy house please sobs! & they bought Starbucks over too! I think me and Xiu Zhen ordered Caramel Frap!



Look how happy they are! We are all happy kids! happykids94 *ahem* not really.. HAHAHAHA!

Then we tried to study.. Xiu Zhen is over focused on her POA while me and Kelvin was irritating her with this song! HAHAHAHA!!

And yes, it was that fateful day I began to get this song stucked into my head and simply can't get rid of it. Thank a lot uh Kelvin.


Study study study till dinner time! See my mum so nice to both of you. She said you two very 'guai' and didn't make so much noise so still okay. Wa, she has good impression on both of you seh, not bad uh! HAHAHAHA! *ahem ignore the laptop behind, we were really studying!*

They always said 'home food is always the best'. But some how I feel bad 'cause the food was really very simple and.. home. HAHAHAHA! I feel like I was such a bad host please!



Eh, not a lot of people can eat my mum's home cooked meal okay! HAHAHAHA!!

Then before they left, Xiu Zhen took my rabbit and snapped pictures with it. Like a cute right my rabbit? I think so too, hoho!


DAMN MY FRINGE IS TOO LONG. I need a haircut like seriously.


"Don't look at me, I'll shy!" HAHAHAHAHA!!


"Eh Mister, stop looking at my house and do your work!"

Then since the next day was Saturday, I went Compass to meet Veron to teach her POA. She said I saved her life please! HAHAHAHA! I'm kindgirl94! Seriously, hanging out too much with Kelvin will make anyone become thick-skin, so bhb please! Don't know why most Libras are like this. Look at my honey Pris and him, same pattern one. Only Yi Ling is a weird kind of Libra, cause my second sister also same pattern.

We were doing POA papers at Starbucks when it rained and we just behaved like it was our house, we pulled and draged the table and chairs to another corner. Actually we were not the only one who did that okay! We saw some other teenage kids did this, so we learn! We learn and adapt fast! ^^

Veron spammed called me like 7 times just to wake me up, oh god! Actually I forgot to tell her I was actually awake, hahahaha! But I let her continue to ring me anyway 'cause I already cancel my call divert to elsewhere... HAHA!

After the whole morning and afternoon spent on POA, I went out to find Lynn at night at Orchard. We went to Far East and I bought my new heels.. that looked like my previous one. Why can't I buy back the same type of shoes uh, problem? It's nice and it makes me look tall can! :P

Then we went walking up and down to find the Apple Service Store to change my ear piece, oh yeah! Then we head to Cine because Lynn was dying to see Noah Yap. She had seen him before and wanted to see him again. I don't mind too, but when we get there we only saw him walking passed us! I wanted to call and stop him but he was walking so damn fast and looked busy so I just leave it this way. Lynn was like saying everyone at Cine was looking at him!

Next day went to Bishan Library to continue mugging. The best thing was Bishan doesn't have Starbucks right.. Then Kelvin asked me to buy for him. So the nicegirl94 me, buy from Compass Point and took the MRT with his Green Tea Latte and it was the HOT one! Go from Compass to Bishan, changed from purple to yellow to red line! I'm such a nice soul, right guys? & by the time I reached, all the hottness from the latte had transfer to my hand. Gosh!

Then mugging time with Kelvin, Ming Chuen and Xiu Zhen until dinner time. We had pizza hut for dinner while Xiu Zhen went to meet her parents.

Okay, I'm gonna show you the photo of our food, please don't puke! I swear the food wasn't that bad.. at least it wasn't for me. But I just don't know how Kelvin can take the photo until it looked like shit!


This is Ming Chuen's pizza.

& this is Kelvin's simi burned.. whatever that was.. o.o
Wait for it, wait for it...


Shit just got real! The toppings where thrown in by Kelvin, no effects on me anyway~ HAHAHAHA! It was more horrible looking, I swear! I made it look way better with this lighting! No more pasta for you guys I think.. HAHAHAHA!

Then the next day was Monday, 20 Feb, we went back school to study.


Don't know when this photo was taken but I swear both of them are mugging thrice as hard than compared to me. I shall be ashamed then.

21 Feb 2012, the shit got so real that I can't believe it. POA Paper and I simple cannot fucking balance my trial balance. They said the owner of the fucking company took the motor van and gave it to his son as a gift or shit. Of course normal people would just debit drawings and credit motor van because you're supposed to remove it. Those people who did that managed to balance their trial balance, but I didn't. WHERE AND WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE ACCUMULATED DEPRICATION?! BITCHES PLEASE! Talk to the hand please! You wanna left it there in the company and continue to accumulate what shit please? It's common sense to remove right? But I NEVER learn how to properly remove it. How shall I remove it? There was no disposal of the van and so there wasn't any gain or loss in disposal. DAMN! That was when I started shitting bricks!!!! First time in my entire life I did a trial balance adjustment for fucking 45minutes, making me no time to double check all my other answers.. Fucking hell! I swear when the answer paper comes out for POA paper, I will check and if they did not take out the accumulated depreciation... I'll murder all those people that did not take out the account! I was pretty upset.. and angry! More like OUTRAGE PLEASE! I'm still pretty sad. Xiu Zhen was so confused and don't know how to deal with me, which was quite funny now when I think of it.

All the way sad, emo in the bus and they said wanna go Annabella's house to study Macroecons, I don't even wanna study, I was sad. Too sad to care plus I sure fail Econs please. From the second lectures onwards, all I ever did in CCL's lecture was to sleep, eat sandwiches or play temple run. Come to think of it, it was stupid but I was tired and I don't give a fuck.

My results for this sem sure drop a lot. If I managed to get 2.5 GPA I'll be happy. I don't expect too much this round. I just hope I can get into HR, kinda regret I put Supply Chain as 2nd choice...

Back to the emo part in the bus, I said I was prepared to fail econs and Xiu Zhen was angry at me! Which I insisted of going home and ended up they followed me home instead.. without Annabella. I feel so guilty towards her 'cause they were supposed to study at her house! Damn..

Felt better by the time we got down the bus because of a stupidly funny sms. Xiu Zhen even tried to cheer me up by showing me 9gag which she failed terribly- NOT FUNNY!

As usual, this has become our tradition or whatsoever you called it..


My Mocha Frap, Xiu Zhen's hot green tea latte, Kelvin's cold green tea latte.

Then didn't study much and we only left 1 day till econs paper... doomed!

22 Feb, the last day before Econs paper. We went to Bishan Library to study again. That was the day I didn't buy coffee for Kelvin 'cause he said he was on rehab from all these Starbucks maddness. But we went for Koi instead. My my~ I sure spent a lot these few days.. Mug with MC, Xiu Zhen and Kelvin until at night when shit got real. Kelvin was like last minute pinicking which caused me to panic too.

Then when the bloody library was closing and I was kinda afraid of failing it. Then I rang Brendon up to save my firey ass. He agreed. OMG THANK YOU BRENDON YOU SAVED MY FUCKING ASS! He was like, why didn't you called me ealier? I've paper at 4pm tomorrow! I was like, "dude, I've paper at 9 in the morning and I'm lagging behind by like 9 chapters?" He was kind enough to teach me and we eat snacks and studied awhile till 1 in the morning where I run home like a bad ass kid and studied till 5plus in the morning.

Kelvin was like "I'm waking up at 3.30AM to study." At first I wanted to ask him to wake me up but instead I studied without a sleep or a wink. 'Cause Brendon was saying, "if you sleep, you can fail already. You've so much to study and I know you so well, you sure take your own sweet time after you finally wake up and you wouldn't have time already." AND HE IS RIGHT! I took the whole night to study! And when I got those information in... the paper didn't even come up with those questions! So angry!

Oh, what happened to Kelvin? He continued sleeping till morning despite me calling him to wake up. But he was topics ahead of me, I was more worried about myself.

Econs paper came out to be easy, however because I read QY's tweet saying he was not studying Monetary policy, so I didn't study that topic at all. And DAMN that was the 30marks questions for section C. What's wrong with all the section C this sem?! It's like they hate me to the core, all either I can't finish it or I don't know it! DAMMIT!

Alright, I sensed you guys are tired of reading~ I'll update soon~ CYA!

Right now, IT IS HOLIDAY! I'm kinda bored and have no plans at all. Sad kid stay at home and have movies maraton please!

Extra photos!




I liked my fringe here! :D

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