Chinese Dragon Year!

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Time has indeed passed since my last post. Wanted to blog sooner about my not-so-exciting Chinese New Year days but was unable to because there has been issues with my Internet access.

My Internet is still having problems but for you sake, my dear readers, I blog at home and bring my heavy Lenovo laptop to school to upload. Happy? You better be! Hahaha!

So I went to my elder sister’s new house located somewhere in central (?), for the reunion dinner. I helped pack my sister’s new closet, that’s now filled with clothes. There are still many clothes back at home which I didn’t manage to bring along. I wonder how I am supposed to transfer her clothes again… Then I got a bad cut on my arm by that stupid wooden wall cabinet next to the closet. Fuck my life please! It’s still healing now. I was quite angry at my family because when I told them, they didn’t bother to bandage it. They’re just “wa wa wa…” Yeah, like that helps a lot~

Here’s the photo of the food.


We were eating halfway then only my 2nd sister snapped a shot of the food without taking any of our photos because we were all badly dressed. Actually I wanted to dress nicer, but I see my mom in tee shirt and shorts and my 2nd sister didn’t make up, so I ended up dressing in some plain shirt that day. Anyway, we were all stuck in the house and my family is not keen into photo-taking, unlike me. Hohoho!

Every year, I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year. Don’t “Haiyo, are you even Chinese anot?” with me! It’s not my choice in whether I am celebrating or not! Who doesn’t want extra cash? I’ve no ang bao hor, unlike many fortunate ones like you! *points* LOL

My 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year was spent waking up late and sleeping late because I was mad rushing a Chinese drama called “Startling by Each Step”. If you’re catching it in Channel 8, 7:00pm now, you’ll get what I’m saying. You’re so slow, I’ve finished watching it! Hahahahaha! It’s so sad, be it the ending or in the middle or whatever~ Okay, no spoilers for you guys!
Then I went back to school on Wednesday, MOE Y U NO GIVE ONE MORE DAY OFF?! FUUUUUUU.jpeg

After school went over to Veronica’s house with Annabella and Kai Xin to visit *ahem* gamble *ahem*. I was winning please! Then Veronica was like saying anyone who wins over $2 should treat the rest Koi. I was like alright fine with me~ However, I ended up losing. DAMN. Veronica won but Annabella won the most! But she didn’t buy Koi for us. BELLA Y U NO TREAT KOI?! FUUUUUUUUUUU.jpeg

Now, time for me to shut up and spam you photos!





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