I promise

by - 12:14 AM

Seriously, I can't believe anyone actually read my blog please. I read few of my posts from these past years and I was like, "What the shit, why is my writing skill so bad!" I'm sure my writing has improve and drop over the past years but I bored myself with my own posts.

If you're a reader from long ago, thank you for reading my boring blog, if you're new, thank you too, never knew my blog can be so boring until I actually read it. But not to worry, I promise I'll try to improve my blogging skills!

I'm saving money to buy a HD camera so that my blog wouldn't be so boring and full of words. Just give me a few weeks, more exciting posts will be up. You know why? 'Cause my exams are coming. & what comes after exams? HOLIDAY BITCHES! WEEEEE~

Need to head down to town soon to change my ear piece, hopefully Apple allows it. Until then, here's a photo, no wordy posts unless it's a rant post. Hahahaha!

IMG_0074 - Copy - Copy - Copy (4)

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