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HELLO PEOPLE! Recently I've been updating my blog frequently, are you reading them too? Don't waste my efforts alright? Blogging isn't easy!

So... quite awhile ago, my school has this little flea market thing where I bought so much things and the smoochiezz was there too! Thus I bought some cosmetic from there and was hoping to share with you here! See me so sweet right! ;)


Oh, don't mind the lousy packaging, I was too excited and tore it opened before snapping a photo.

This is how it looks!


I swear this is not bad! It's kinda easy to draw too, I mean normally I used liquid eyeliner.. no that one, it's kinda like the marker type? Haiyo, I'm not a makeup guru, I don't know the terms la! But this is easy to draw, especially for a makeup noob like me! Hahaha!


Got this too! For like a cheap please! This two are for my dear Nana-chan who is still taking exams. When are you collecting it from me? It has been... months? HAHAHA!

Another cosmetics I got for myself was Dollywink! I bought them from Watsons. I love Dollywink! Although I'm not a makeup pro nor a guru, I know Dollywink is loved by everyone because of its packaging and etc. I mean, this is so cute and so Japanese! How can anyone don't like it! *exclude the guys of course*

Got this eyelash glue, super pretty! Yeah I don't wear fake lashes much because the last time I tried, I plucked my own lashes out too -.- RIP my dear lashes! OTL


& I got this! Because it looked way too cute and I just bought this without thinking. Gosh, my money!!! It was pricey to me since I'm a poor kid hahahha! But seriously,!!!!

Okay, just a short one or I'll bored other readers that are not into these cosmetic stuffs. Cya~


Just a photo of me because this post looks too plain without a camwhore bitch! HAHAHAHAHA!

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