Starbucks Fever!

by - 2:35 AM

As you might heard, I'm on this Starbucks Fever thing recently. I've been having Starbucks almost every single. Almost. I am not the only Starbucks addict here, Xiu Zhen and Kelvin are mad craze on it too. Well, mostly is Kelvin.

Xiu Zhen and I went out yesterday and got Starbucks without Kelvin, who asked him for having two Starbucks the other day before.

Xiu Zhen was saying the Green Tea Latte was nice, I tried it and I think it was not bad! I tried the ice cold green tea latte, and it was yummy! Although I kinda find it too sweet. The person had asked me to try with Soya, but previously was not bought for myself so I didn't get it.

The young girl was happily chatting with me, she said me she is going Business School in TP. What a friendly and pretty girl too! :) Kelvin said that cup of latte was awesome, but I didn't told him it was made by a seventeen years old pretty mei mei uh.






Okay, I think what I need now the most is some Starbucks rehab. Seriously, I might have overdose myself with too much caffine. HAHAHAHA!

Oh, and don't ever drink Starbucks and acholohic drinks together in a day, you might be unable to sleep.. Just like what happened to me.

P/S Gonna blog another entry up soon! Cya!

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