To love or not to love

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The love relationship. Everyone's been there, done that. If you haven't means, my dear reader, you're either still too young or too immature. Most of you think you actually love someone, maybe you don't love them. Maybe it's just a crush? Or infaturation? Or simplly just graditute towards the person?

Actually it doesn't matter, what matters is the heart.

Some people said it's good to be single, while others said attached for the best. It all depends. Singles may hate to be single and attached might dislike being attached. Every love relationship is different.

Recently, I went out with a group of friends to watch that new Movie called 'Love'.
I can't help but notice, besides the hot guys, that all these guys did not take the first move. Well, exclue Mark Zhao/趙又廷's sitaution. Why do they want girls to make the first move? One is where the friend went to seduce her best friend's boyfriend. Another was when Shu Qi kissed Ethan. What's going on? I know some of you might said, "Eh Angelus, last time men do the first move because it was men running the world" all those yada yada crap. Hello? The whole is equal, not women's domination, don't expect all women to do the same.

Sure there are still guys who are willing to take the first move, like one of my friends, who is currently 'friendzoned' and in a fucking misery. Please don't turn gay uh friend.

I was complaining to my friends after the movie on why girls have to be the one that make the first move. Joanne said the guys nowadays are being a lazyass. Hahaha! Jastina's speech was the best!
Boys let girls make the first move. Men made their first move.

Best epic line ever! Don't hate on me guys, I know not all of you are like this, it's just that the movie got me thinking.. Or maybe it's just the show?

As I said, there are different kinds of love.. Do you know which kind do you belong to?

1. There is this recent trend, called the ''friendzone'.
Not all nice guys would get friendzone alright! Don't be sad if you've just got friendzoned! Not all girls like jerks! They always said girls like bad boys but it is not true! Different girls has different taste. Jerkass might be a jerk but he has confident, which I think most girls want their boyfriend to have. Not saying nice guys doesn't have confident, but some just.. don't have the charamatic thing, you know what am I saying? Look at Hitler, every german women loved him and worshipped him like a god.. I think. LOL! They think he's a hero, although he is a dictator. Or no? I need to flip my history notes...

Don't be sad you got friendzoned, if that girl doesn't cherish you, somebody else would! You'll soon find your DA one even when it takes 10 years 20 years!
But but but! Not only guys get friendzone, girls do get friendzone too alright? I realized everyone only mentioned the fact that only girls friendzone guys, but some guys do friendzone girls, so sama sama, don't always blame the girls alright!

2. There's another one, I don't really know what's this called..."I love my BFF's boyfriend/girlfriend/crush'?
Bitch, move out of the way. Either you're jealous that they are loving and lovely dovey and you're foreveralone and want someone, just don't aim at their guys/girls. It's so damn wrong. As much as I wanna say love is important, but so is friendship!

Okay, sure you might wanna say that, "Hey, how about crush? They ain't together!" Cmon bitch, you know your BFF loves him/her and you still wanna snatch? What a meanie! Even when he or she doesn't fucking stand a chance, just don't touch them! If your attitude is like this, then you're basically a slutbomb 'cause next time you might think, "Hey although they are in a relationship, but one day they night break! I should just might as well make the day come faster."

Then if you don't ever learn your lesson, when you grow older, you'll be like, "Hey, married also can divorce what!" Bitch, what's your problem!

Well, if you really really like that person, at least tell your friend, but don't just snatch! Or if your BFF and that person managed to be together, and you're fucking sad, WAIT! Wait until if there's really a day they ain't together and you don't fucking mind that his/her ex is your bff, then take it!
'Cause I know some people so called don't like 'Oh he/she was the ex of xxx, ew, I'll never be with this person" 'cause if you fucking love that person, you wouldn't mind if he has had any relationship with who before, just how if he or she is a fucking virgin or not!If they didn't break and it has been awhile, then you should know their love is fucking strong, then you should know it's time for you to wake up your kuku mind and get your feets up and forget about that bitch. Move on dude, there are more chicks out there.And don't be sad you two ain't together, 'cause if you were mend to be, you will be. Just don't fucking be a fucking 3rd party and snatch them kay!?

3. There are another type, OH I LOVE YOU FOR 352357464 Years, you've been my crush since 3rd grade.
Either you tell him/her or you don't. This type of love is hard to deal with and it's damn sad. Especially when you don't fucking own him and you love him for so long that you think you know him... and especially when he's one of your friend! Seeing him flirting with other girls kills you slowly and slowly day by day.
Either you tell him or not, your choice. If it's me, I wouldn't have such courage to man up and write a fucking love letter or even do a fucking confession please! Although my friends always said I'm a steady kid and very 'heong' kid, when it comes to love these type of troublesome thing, I rather continue to like the person until I got tired and tired as in VERY tired and I gave up, doesn't matter how long it takes to give up... unless he likes me back too HAHAHAH! Maybe cos rejection sucks? Also, if he is your close friend, THEN WHAT WILL HAPPEN?! I rather stay close with him and be with him, watch him smile at every girls then to feel awkward and be friends no more. Cos if we still friends, at least he would TALK TO ME RIGHT?

To me, if I'm in this case, I'm the type of girl that is "If you are happy, I'm happy. You smile, I smile :)" Wait.. not this smile.. maybe this :')

4. This is one of the most fucking pissing me off case, the 'I like you but I don't like you' case.
This is called stupid love please. If both parties love each other but one of them.. or BOTH of them are like this, mostly the outcome would be NOT being together. Either fling or flirts. I mean, if you like then be together, don't like then don't like, let him/her go remain friends. Don't drag on and on and let to misunderstanding.

Simple as that.

All these above are for the singles that are in love with people.. But I know some attached are also not happily in love.

Maybe you might wanna ask, if they are not happy together, why don't they break? BECAUSE THEY STILL LOVE EACH OTHER YOU FOOLS! Or at least one party still cares...
All below are shortly written because I'm writing this 4 in the morning, let me have some sleep right?

1. This is what I called the 'same routine sian sian one'
Too used to each other and got bored of the relationship but don't know if there is love or there isn't...

2. The 'Take you for granted bitch'
What? Don't even need to talk much, you know it.
"Sorry, I'm not free to meet you baby, I've to meet with my brothers/girlfriends"
"I think my family and friends are more important."
"Work is important to me, please understand!"
But, don't worry baby, you're in my 100th list of cares! *wink*
I don't understand if you're so busy and all these and don't even care about your partner, what for have one in the first place? I mean, if both of you agreed that to both of you, work and family are important and all these, maybe either one won't be upset.

3. Jerkass type
Similar to pointer 2, take you for granted but worst off, behave like a single although the Facebook status is fucking married/attched.

I think that's all... I missed out a lot, duh, 'cause I'm not a fucking love guru. I'm just stating how I feel about this because recently it's holidays and all my friends are fucking emo, be it about family or love. ALL ARE EMO KIDS! Holidays and suddenly no plans... so stay home and emo... WTF?
P/S Don't judge me, I said I don't know much about love either, I'm 18, young and I've not been into tons of relationships to say I know so much about it. Okay, let me go sleep now..

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