What is year 1? Part I

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Okay, somehow stupid Blogger deleted my blog entry and now I've to rewrite the whole thing again. !$^$%&##%^& priest la!

Trying to remember what I have written is super hard...

Last Friday was the last day of school, exclude exams, for me. That means we have come to an end for our year 1 in Poly! Fast please! Besides the fact that I've failed my marketing paper, this marks my end with the class of 1102. Kinda like my class number.

Wa that marketing paper is hard man. I blanked whole of section B 'cause I studied the wrong chapters. I did study 1 correct but I forgot about it. Fuck concepts and theories, I've no problem with memorising History last time.. or maybe I am old already? Sobs. Made me almost cried my balls out please!!! Angry at everything related to marketing now.

Marketing is interesting but what pisses me off is having to remember all the headings from top to bottom, every single thing. Can't they just be like RP, open book test? Argh!

Fine, bad news aside. Besides the part of MARKETING ARGH, back to my last day of school. Took photos with the class... not really class cause most of them left. Y U NO WAIT?!

Missed all the class photo taking, super pissed. Okay, I gotta calm myself down. 1st was because I end up having concussion because of a BANG on my head. I swear it was super pain, I think I became dumb because of this. Hahaha!

Second was on Thursday, and third was Friday. All missed. Wa, FML please! No fate with this class.

Okay, before I photo spam all of you, I must warn you that all the photos below are either badly-Photoshop or no Photoshop at all. 'Cause I've lost my skill in Photoshopping. I have no idea too, maybe cause it has been long since I shopped all these photos. Or because we took this photo outdoor? Meh, shouldn't be outdoor. But the cameras used where DSLR leh, how can it be hard to shop? But I find it weird because normally when I zoomed in to photos to shop using good camera, they shouldn't be blur. But this just blur! Hence I find it harder to shop.

Also, I didn't manage to get permission from others so I don't dare to edit their photos a lot. Not much different, if you can see, means I failed editting or you're a pro too! Ahem..

Okay, photo spam, here we go!

From left: Yi Ling, Annabella, Me, Xiu Zhen, Joanne, Veron

Me with Kaixin, again! Hahaha!

Joanne and I! I think she's photogenic leh! Don't you think so? Or 'cause of good cam? No la, she is photogenic la!

428648_2960008172881_1641851348_2530681_200037265_n - Copy - Copy

402540_2960009132905_1641851348_2530682_2129388173_n - Copy
Veron and I. Don't even ask me why we posed until like that. She requested it, and I didn't even sit straight please!

398645_2960012132980_1641851348_2530685_696963_n - Copy - Copy


I was like, "Eh got wind messed up my hair, retake retake." Kelvin was like, "aiya, never mind la, like the hair ad liddat la." Something like that, I forgot what he said. Hence, we didn't delete this ugly photo of me. LOL!

396456_319925408045376_100000837578902_743396_605317599_n - Copy - Copy
Group shot, again. Left: Yi Ling, Annabella, Xiu Zhen, Joanne, Veron and me!

Took lazy to edit another photos, so until next time then I post another entry. Hahaha, laziness kills an Angelus!

P/S Actually this entry was very long, but blame Blogger for not uploading my previous nicely written entry and didn't even bother to save as draft. Hence, a shorter entry was posted.

Also, few more entries coming up, hopefully I can get my photos to blog. If not, blame Orange cause my photos are in his phone~

P/P/S I'm not black.. malay or whatever!!! Because it's under the sun, and the lighting sucks and told you I'm too lazy to photoshop already. Haiyo people...

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  1. Actually, you do look a bit darker here. Been under the sun too long ?

    Oh, by the way, why don't you smile with teeth ? All your pictures I've seen had your lips arched up without any teeth.

    1. Yeah, been busy and out this few weeks but I think mostly is because of the lighting and angles of the camera. One of the photos I looked whiter though, haha!

      Don't really like smiling with teeth 'cause I don't like my teeth, LOL!