Birthday again?

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Don't you ever realized that holidays passed by way too fast? I demand additional 2 weeks of holidays!

No, in fact we only need 2 holiday breaks. Each 6months! I demand for that, or at least let me rest feel more days!

Maybe because I've been going out too much lately, I feel like the days are going faster and faster because I have fun times with friends outside!

Alright, since you guys have been waiting for days since my last post, here's an entry on how I celebrated Joanne's birthday!

Seriously, I love parties and I love to held events. I should totally take event management right? Meh! I can manage events without studying it! Hahaha!

It was Joanne's 19th birthday and she just want to make it simple, who knows I planned so well done! Well, it wasn't that well done because... long story. Although this is a birthday post, I'm still gonna rant how much dislike I have for the restaurant. They really pissed me off SO MUCH! I'll explain to you, but right now.. PHOTO TIME! :D

We went to NEX's Swensen to eat! & I ordered pasta! Don't worry, this time I took the photo, not Kelvin. He wasn't even there! Don't throw up, the photo of pasta is nicely take. Wait- more than nicely, it was taken by me so you're safe!

IMG_0632 - Copy

IMG_0638 - Copy

IMG_0635 - Copy

Tada! I told my photo-taking skill isn't as shitty as his!

IMG_0633 - Copy
Joanne's Baked pasta!


Sing pei! I'm not that close to her but it's Joanne's birthday and Joanne is quite close with her :)

IMG_0631 - Copy - Copy

Me and Joanne. Sorry for changing it to Black and White but the photo was in a shitty tone, made me more yellow than usual and there's nothing I can do to save it! FML please!
IMG_0644 - Copy

IMG_0636 - Copy

More food!!! :D

IMG_0637 - Copy

Ding Chao's food, seriously Y U EAT SO MUCH? LOL

Okay, so a birthday isn't a birthday without a birthday cake right? Thus, before entering the place, I told the people in there to prepare the cake and told them many times. Seriously, it was well-planned but the workers in there totally screwed it up for me. I brought Joanne in and we ate normally. Then I told them to bring out the cake after we finished our food. Besides the fact that they did not, they also took forever to prepare our food. The table in front of us were noisy as ever too. That's why parents, if you cannot control your kids, don't ever bring them to such dining places. Worst off, they were enjoying the noises made by their kids. WTF. What's wrong with the kids nowadays?

Alright, then as usual, Joanne visits the loo with others after finishing her food. I called for service to ask them to bring out the fucking cake, but they just did not. They are SLOW. VERY SLOW. I told one of the staffs there and she seems to be at a loss. I watched her every move, she was looking for people to ask about the cake and after failed attempts to source out my fucking cake, she went back to her work without telling us anything. Thanks a lot. What's the matter with you? At least tell me you hand the matter to others or tell me you fucking don't know a shit.

I always complain that Joanne and clique took forever in the toilet but this time, they were back and the cake was missing. Hence, they seriously pissed me off so I went to their fucking kitchen.. not really inside but I stood outside and told another staff. I bet by the time Joanne already knew there was a cake. FUCK! CHAO NEH NEH. NO FUN AT ALL!

Then one staff asked me what was wrong and I told her I want my fucking cake then I expect her to like gimme the cake and let me hold the cake to the table and give Joanne right? Guess what, she told me to stay away from the kitchen and she would handle it. I was seriously pissed by them.

I remembered the excellent service of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Last year I went to Cineleisure's to celebrate Brendon's 17th birthday. I bought the cake from elsewhere and asked them to store it in their kitchen for me, they did. I asked them if they could light the candles for me after we have our food, they did. Best was they came and asked me was it time to light the cake! Their services were awesome! Plus I went over to their kitchen.. well, outside of their kitchen.. again. This, they were fucking nice, I swear! They lighted the cake and when I told them can I be the one that take the cake and they said alright! Best of all, they stopped their music and played birthday song for me! Well.. technically, the song is for Brendon. LOL!

Brendon said it was super xiasuay 'cause there were other teenagers cheering for him too. & I love how I am in the centre of attention, taking the cake with the song playing. OH, I LOVE ATTENTION~ PROBLEM? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Okay back to Earth, guess what did the staff here did? She took the cake out, without smiing. Okay fine maybe she didn't have a fucking good day, but she didn't even bother lighting up the candle first. She just placed the cake there with the candles on the table. We have to self-service and the lighter she used doesn't have much gas! Horrible I tell you, she has to swing the lighter many times and by the time she lighted up all, the first candle was almost out.

Alright, let's check, did they serve the cake right after we eat finish? No. Did they come forward to ask us about the cake? No. They did let me take the cake out by myself? No. Did they light up the cake first before handling to us? No. Did they play any birthday songs? No.

What in the fuckery is this? Alright, maybe they may said they don't fucking provide such services, but they do sell cakes right? Maybe they should provide such services. I think KFC chicky meal or whatever that birthday thing also plays birthday song. OH! I remembered when I was younger, like when I was 7 years old, my family brought me to Changi Airport's Swensen to celebrate birthday. OH AND THEY DID PLAY THE BIRTHDAY SONG.

Alright, I'm not pissed about the song playing but more of the candle lighting and the fucking time wasting. I know the night is still young, but we have other matters to attend.

ARGH. PHEW, finally said all out.

Back to photos!

IMG_0647 - Copy

Wanted to show you guys how big the fork and spoon are but somehow I got distracted by the lighting. It was horrible but I managed to edit till I looked like some fairy right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! JOKE LA.

IMG_0641 - Copy


IMG_0645 - Copy


Thanks uh, they cut until so not evenly. There were huge pieces and tiny pieces. What is wrong with them uh?

11022012654 - Copy - Copy


11022012650 - Copy


Yes, end of with the photo of me 'cause I'm such an attention loving bitch. HAHAHAHA!

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