My not-so-exciting 18th birthday

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Guess you guys already know what today's post is about.. or not.

Yes, it's about my birthday. I'm 17th again! *insert the zac efron poster* Alright, this joke is getting old.. REAL OLD.

As you guys know, it's my 18th birthday and I've been whining that I don't intent to celebrate it, which I guess I really didn't. I don't really count that as 'celebrating' anyway.

If it's celebrating, then I guess my ACTUAL 17th birthday was awesome.

On the 14th March, a day before my birthday, I went out with Xiu Zhen, Ding Chao and Ming Chuen to catch a movie by one of my favourite singer- MILEY CYRUS! Oh I love her, she's so sexy!


Yes the movie is called "LOL" and I think overall it's quite nice. I'm so gonna ask someone to watch with me again.. Or download it in my laptop, haha!

Then after watching it, we went to Clake Quay and we have supper.. or my super late dinner there. Ming Chuen's cousin came to fetch him back, his cousin was quite friendly. & also he was on his bike then he said he gave me one round and no, I never ride on a bike before and it was awesome although it was only one round. Maybe 'cause his one round was fast, too fast the wind is so huge please. But I guess it's quite dangerous.. But still, I guess bikes are cool. & my mum is so gonna kill me if she know I was on one. Haha!


I swear the food was expensive there, but it's alright the food wasn't that bad.. normal I guess. But everywhere was closed and we just settled there since I was so hungry.


Xiu Zhen and Ming Chuen

Xiu Zhen and I





We took the wrong side of the train and I almost have my birthday on Little India station. FAIL MUCH HAHAHAHAHHA!

Yes, then to try if I was legal to buy drinks, we went to nearest 7-11 there and yes, I bought it but please, piece of cake, the indian man just let me pass.

This stupid guy here just sat in the middle of the road.


Joined by this stupid girl here too. HAHAHA!

Okay... so I don't know what happened afterwards.. I'll just skip the blurry parts. Awkward silent.. Don't know what to blog now.. PHOTO SPAM!

IMG_1008 - Copy

IMG_1004 - Copy

IMG_1005 - Copy

I swear this isn't that nice at all. I just put this photo 'cause I liked my left eye here. Or was it right eye... o.o HAHAHAH!


Oh btw, my sister handmade a cake for me! Mango cake!

14032012683 - Copy

14032012681 - Copy

She thinks it's handmade so she just flood lots of toppings and this is the result of the ugly but awesome cake. Actually it doesn't taste bad at all! Good job sister!

I stayed out whole night and I went home around 2pm, and I need to rush out to meet Alvin, and he said his friend wanted to pass me present too.. Don't know why I'm so clever to think it's Wanyi. Hahaha!

15032012684 - Copy

Outfit of the day. Yes! Along with my presents~

Then I went to have lunch with Alvin while my secondary friends took forever to come. By then it was already 6 and since we have nothing better to do we went to slack at my house void deck there.

Told you this ain't a celebration, it's just a mixture of slacking and rotting and... whatever. HAHAHA!

Wanyi's present. Wait.. it's my present.. but given by Wanyi. OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LANGUAGE?!



Sadly to say, it was a super unlucky day too. First Ding Chao pissed me off.. or something.. No, I kicked him because I couldn't find restroom. HAHAHAHA! Then my toe nail broke and bleed. Thanks uh.

Then I woke up in the morning with fever for the whole day. Fuck my life uh! I know it's my birthday but dear fever, there's no need to pay me a visit. You're not even invited! :P

IMG_1007 - Copy
Look at my fucking cui face please!

Okay, back to the presents!

16032012692 - Copy

Wanyi's and guess what she gave me???

16032012693 - Copy

It's SUPER WARM!!! XOXO I can wear this in lecture next time please, clever me!


XT's and she gave me a teddy bank. Time to save up I guess? :(

But what shocked me was Alvin's present please.

16032012689 - Copy

2 letters, and I so got trolled by the 1st letter please!

16032012691 - Copy

OH-MAI-GAWD right? Not that I'm sexist or what, but I can't believed he actually fold all these! From the photo you can only see stars but he folded hearts also, using straws. I guessed he might fold but I didn't expect a box full of these. Gosh, shock of my lifetime when I opened up.

Oh, you haven't finish reading yet, when I told you we slacked at my void deck there?

Okay, so I shall name all my friends out first.

Xue Ting, Brendon, Donovan, Alvin, Ding Chao, Xiu Zhen.. and me. Totaly of 7 person and I totally forget that this is illegal gathering. We have alcohol with us too.. and mac. HAHAHAHA!

Alright, before this I went to nearest 7-11 to buy ciggs, NOT FOR ME, I don't smoke. People said I've a smoker face.. is that true? :')

So this makes us worst. Cigg and alcohol with 7 people under void deck. I still think it's no big deal but not the police. The police came and screened our I/C. Yay, so on the day I'm 18th, I bought drinks and cigg and got screened by the police. Exciting much? But it was nothing anyway, then the police left after we told them we will leave by 10pm.

The some unexpected mood swing event turned up and I was super upset. But I tried not to think about it anyway. Oh ya, then Ding Chao and Xiu Zhen left for their supper while Kelvin came and so... How many people do we have now? Head count!

Alvin, Brendon, Donovan, Kelvin, Xue Ting.. and me. I am so good at arranging orders. HAHAHA!

Then we left the place at 11 plus near 12. Wow! Xue Ting, take care, don't lost your phone again.. and get well from your.. leg injury. HAHAHAHA!

She wanted to get a cab to go home because she wants to pee, but she too lazy to go to SPC but there was no cab. Finally after she left, there were 5 cabs available. HAHAHA FUCK YOUR LIFE TOO :3

Then we chit chat talk cock sing song and Kelvin said my seconday school friends are super friendly and nice. HAHAHAH! DUH, JUST LIKE ME FRIENDLY AND NICE! HAHAHAH!

But I guess Kelvin and Xue Ting could get along quite well because of.... "I just know she's a fucking dog." Inside joke HAHAHAHAHA!!

Alright, I guess I've to eat my LATE lunch now. See you! :D

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