Protect your greens!

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WORK WORK WORK WORK! If you guys are wondering, yes, I switched job again. I can never stop changing jobs uh? No the reason is my previous job- the employer didn't call me up to go back to work plus my friend introduced her job to me, with higher pay, so I just took it.

Yes, if you're wondering more, this is a telemarketing job. I swear to god, telemarketing is the far worst job ever... besides working at an arcade with super low pay. I managed to pull through for days already but hopefully I can survive till end of the month, maybe?

Thank god I wasn't working alone, 'cause I don't have 3G so I can seriously do nothing whole day but call and call. It's boring please!

In addition, it's such a depressing job. Either you get attituded by people, or they simply not interested in whatever shit you're saying.

Alright, I'll quit bitching about my new job 'cause this ain't a ranting post!

Back to what I wanted to blog about...

After my work today, which I ended at 4pm because I simply cannot take the long hours. Then I went to catch a movie with Xiu Zhen - My bitch, Ding Chao and Kelvin.

Maybe you guys don't know, but I am not the type of person that watches cartoon movies. I mean I do watch cartoon on TV but I just don't watch cartoon movies. I find them waste of money sometimes. I prefer ACTIONS and more ACTIONS. Or at least romance? Unless my favourite actors and actresses are in it.

By saying that, you already know what I have just watched. Yes, I watched The Lorax!
Honestly, after watching it, I find it kinda not bad. As much as I wanted to say the storyline is standard, no twist or anything but the graphics are awesome. Maybe 'cause in addition, I watched in 3D. OH AND THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WATCHING 3D! So malu please. But I have to hold onto the glasses because it's big!

Oh god, I love the fluffy trees!

Oh btw, after I got home, I googled and realized this isn't really a cartoon because it's actually from a book! Told you I didn't do any research before hand because I was dragged by Xiu Zhen to watch this movie.

Well, hopefully people who watched the movie would take cares of the greens more. But I find that this story focus more on Ted then Lorax.

BUT I'm overall still quite happy because once I entered the theater, I saw the main vocal casts! ZAC EFRON as TED! I'm not a hardcore fan but at least there's Zac Efron's voice! And there is Taylor Swift as Audrey, Ted's romance interest.

I think the most awesome parts are where the comedy parts were. I should not spoiler too much here, go watch if you wanna find out more! ^^



Cool 3D glasses! Unfortunately I've to wear over with my spec because I didn't wore contact lens and I hold it like a boss for the entire movie. Awesome much?


Xiu Zhen and Ding Chao, just look at Ding Chao's duck face please -.-

Oh yeah, Xiu Zhen and I have Ajisen for lunch! Why the sudden craving for Ajisen every time when I pass by the shop? This is the 3rd time I've having Ajisen already, oh god!


My standard alacart, every time..


Everytime ordered Mabo Toufu so this time I psycho Xiu Zhen to try it while I ordered Seafood Ramen. I still prefer Mabo Toufu the best! *hearts*

Alright, missy here needs to rest UPDATE NEXT TIME KAY~ :3

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