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Recently I've going out to watch movies and so I think, why not do a mini review of the shows I've watched. This is just a mini review 'cause I'm afraid the more I blog, the more spoilers I will give.
First! Saturday I went to Marina Square with Xiu Zhen and Ding Chao and watched John Carter. I don't know why the ratings for this movie is so high. Personally I think it was alright only.
The storyline is not much, although I like the part where he tried to explain to Ned about his life. Maybe I'm not so much a love for Science fiction kind of person. I rather watch romance or action type.

The favourite parts are the comedy, that's all. Don't know why, I felt that the movie seems awfully long. Or maybe 'cause I've got bored but manage to stay awake through the show.

Next movie,

I hereby swear Douglas Booth is sexy as hell. Oh Kyle, you're such a hottie pie. Seriously, I can't believe he is only 19 and his accent.. OMG!

Oh and I heard there was supposed to be a smoking scene for Miley but they remove it. Still, I love this movie.. maybe I'm kinda bias because I love Miley Cyrus and Douglas Booth is sexy as hell! Demi Moore acted quite well in it too. She's Miley's mum in the show and you can really see the similarities in character.

I don't mind watching it again, like seriously! I watched it on the 14th if you remember reading it from my post below.

NEXT! I went to catch a movie that was out quite awhile ago. I just watched this like less than a day ago with Ben, Ji Zong, Bing Sen and Joey.

I prefer watching This Means War than John Carter, I know some may disagree with me but seriously, I told you I like romance and action and this show has both together, so why can't I love this?

I kinda like the funny scenes too, especially when the two guys fight like couple, so funny! It was sad that Reese Witherspoon (Lauren Scott) have to pick between two of them. But her choice was good, if I were her, I might pick Chris Pine (FDR) but Tom Hardy (Tuck) has this hot British accent please!

Alright, no more spoilers as I promised. But I must still stand firm on my choice, I think This Means War is nicer, LOL ain't that bad and John Carter is seriously not my cup of tea.. as in the show, but Taylor Kitsch is OMG please. Can't believe he is 30 years old! HE IS SO SEXY. Why? You have a problem with my fetish towards older guys? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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