Long working hours + Army Market

by - 1:08 AM

As usual, I would be blogging about something that happened like a month ago? Oh shuch, 7 March, that means it would be more than a month! *peng*

I won't be crapping as much because basically, I barely rememeber anything at all! So let photos to its job, since they always said a picture tells a thousand words. So, hopefully my pictures would confuse you? :)

& as you can tell, a month ago I was a Starbuck addict so I went to buy Starbucks again after my work.

My super sexy, super hot green tea latte!


Ding Chao treated me and Xiu Zhen so the cheapo us ordered venti size for ourselves, ahem!

Oh, and here's a photo of our cheapo lunch that tasted awesome!


After work, we went to the Army Market to get the things we need for my Leadership Camp. And, thank god I was only for the day camp. Everyone that stayed there complained about the fire alarm and all the other things. Well, I'm glad I can sleep on my lovely bed, don't jelly!

Army Market looks normal, pretty much nothing to me.. Or maybe because I don't need anything from there at all. If it wasn't for the Leadership Camp, I wouldn't have visit that place, I guess. Talking about it, it has been so long after my camp and the NYP Year 1 Freshmen Camp is coming this Thursday! I'll be there, hopefully I can see those who are supposed to be there!

& just talk to me or.. wave or something? I'm not gonna eat you up.. right? *innocent*


End of with a photo of me and Xiu Zhen that we took cause our work was damn boring please.

See you guys soon! ^^

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