Mini update!

by - 8:19 AM

Soooooooo hey guys! Just a short update.

Good news or bad news? Normally in dramas, they always like to pick the bad ones. So here's the bad news.

I'M SICK. I swear my throat is so sore that I speak more like a man, and I bet my voice is worse than Miley Cyrus and has totally no sex appeal at all. Hahahaha! But it's alright.. What can I can't handle?

Oh wait a minute... So I heard I've to go work tomorrow? Thanks, I'm working as a telemarketer with such a ZERO SEX APPEAL VOICE. Besides the fact that I may get zero appointments = no commission, how am I supposed to speak?

Thank god, I only work half day. YAY! I bet by Noon tomorrow, you all would sure miss my voice ''cause my voice would be going on a vacation.. hopefully not too long.

Another bad news, school's reopening, meaning I gotta quit my job = no pay = no money = I AM GONNA DIE!!! So.. who wanna feed me? :3 Hehe.

Whatever, this post is supposed to be short and NOT SO WORDY.

So I forgot to tell you, I went to watch Titanic the other day with Lynn. Yes, I know that I've watched this show in 2D like a thousand of times, never get sick and tired of it and always super sad at the end of the movie.


Oh god we forgot to take photos! >< Oh well, that's why I said it's a short post!

We went to Bugis to watch and shop. I swear Lynn shopped like crazy! She bought a jean, a short, 5 slogan tee because the shop I brought her to was awesome alright?

& this cheapo budget barbie me saw this $5 white dress that's so simple and I just bought it without thinking. Come to think of it, it's in fact quite plain.. and short too. Whatever, I can DIY right? Add more rings and necklaces on myself to look more like a Xmas tress should do. HAHAHAHA!

Alright, I shouldn't stay up late or my throat will bury itself and will be singing rolling in the deep~ Alright LAME. Nights yeah~

P/S Oh, it was 2 pairs of jeans and a lot of tank tops too. Oops! Hehe

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