Movie Marathon!

by - 7:37 PM

Hey guys, misses me much? ;)

So this week passed by so quickly, my last week of holiday just gone in a blink of an eye, I'm so sad please! This week shall be called the "Movie Marathon" week. I would blog them all out with reviews and others but I guess it would surely be a long post.

I would cut parts of them out. I shall do a mini summary, shall we?

Monday - Titanic with Xiu Zhen and Ding Chao after work.
Tuesday - Wrath of Titans with Xue Ting and Brendon after XT's school.
Wednesday - Dark Flight with Ben.

I heard this coming Friday I would watching Street Dance 2 with Lynn? Xiu Zhen asked me watch The Lucky One with her today but I'm so kinda scared of movies already. Too much!

Alright, let's start with the most fresh memory, shall we?

So actually wanted to watch Battleship instead of Dark Flight.. but because, as usual, I was late and we missed the time slot for it. My dear Rihanna! ): Then there's no The Vow in Cathay Woodlands, lousy! Bleh! Hahaha, then we ended up watching Dark Flight. According to the name, it's supposed to be a horror movie, but I find most parts rather funny than scary. Only one part really scares me, but the worst thing is that, the part that scared me was not the ghosts, but that human woman! Hahaha, gosh I'm more afraid of humans than ghosts. Oh dear.. I've serious issues.


What is NC16 again? Oh wait, why can I go in? I thought I was only 15? *lies* FML please, why am I so fucking old already. Kinda missed the times when I was only 15, no responsibilities, more daring and more fun. Well, I'm still mix Aries and Aries women are full of balls, so yeah..

Took Bus 161 to Woodlands, which I kinda feel it's quite fast! Two expressway and reached! Way faster than the MRT. The last time I tried to go home via MRT from RP, I almost puke please!


Overall, Dark Flight's storyline is full of shit, I only like that Prince in the show. That ah gua, so cute please! The only nice part is prolly, in favour of those sadist fellows, the part where everyone dies, leaving 3 others to clean the bodies and land the plane. The plane looked kinda fake, but I guess if you're looking for a horror comedy, then you could try watching this? Well, let's say if you're over 16 then. Hahaha! *ahem old ahem me*

Alright, photo spams! Despite me being late, I would still snap a few stops! Hahaha! *slap vain slap*





A lot of people in Twitter has been telling me how nice the toilets are. Fine, the toilets are fine, alright?

Then after the movie, we went to buy my dinner and I went home to enjoy my lovely dinner! *insert hearts*







White chocolate Mocha Frap and chocolate cake. After I finish snapping photos and eating, then I realized how FATTENING it was.. damn! FML please! D;

But the cake was super yummy, chocolate-full please! Thus, that explain why I took so much photos.. plus the cake is mini-sized cute! *dies*

Alright, I shall recalled what I was doing few days back.. I'm getting too old to remember any shit now. Oh, poor me! Well.. till then ;)

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