Slacking day!

by - 4:44 AM

Yesterday woke up super late like in the afternoon? Then bath and went out to meet Wanyi for lunch. Super tired and actually wanted to do a flow-chart and pros and cons table but in the end- it was so difficult, so I gave up. I guess right now, the decision is not made by me anymore. Forget it.

Subway for lunch, thanks Wanyi. Then after that, I went to meet my arse, Jeslyn.

But seriously, thanks Jeslyn for talking to me. Although we have our own fucked up problems but we managed to joke the fuck out of it and ended up treating everything like a joke. Thanks! You know, recently I've been thinking too much and almost really enter this depression stage, but thanks to you, you really cheered me up quite a lot. I manage to grab hold of myself without the need of drug abuse, alcohol or any other misuse of things.

Friends are supposed to be like this, joke about how you made a mess in your life, laugh at you but advice and pick you up. Although I still couldn't find a solution but I kinda know what's the answer in my heart already.

Also, now that I mention it, especially thank this secondary school teacher of mine, who helped me and gave me some enlightenment in life.

I also realised I may have blinded myself, demanding a solution when the only resolution is to move on and get over. I may not have completely do so right now, but who knows, some day I will. Hopefully the day would come sooner. Who wants to always be in depress mode?

I always thought moving on and leaving the case closed may seems to be like leaving the problem hanging. But sometimes there's no solution to such cases and like mine, there was none. The only thing is to get over it. Quit bitching like a little bitch and move on is what I need. Or maybe a little slap would help me? Hahaha!

I know it also takes two hands to clap in any trouble we caused, maybe that was why I was so unsure of what to do. Everyone has their limit and I should have know.

Plus, I guess as demanding and bitchy as I am, I must say I've a soft-hearted soul in me. I guess unless if anyone hurt my loved ones, I wouldn't forgive but if anyone were to hurt me, I'm those type of person who would always no matter what, still forgive and even it's wrong to do that, even when the whole world objects it, I'm too stubborn and would forgive anyway.

Maybe that's why I would always be sending myself to hell all the time. Hence, what's the point me of building walls?

Well, too much ranting- back to photos! :)
Jeslyn insisted on adding the caption of "2girls 1cone" *insert I see what u did there meme*
a punch in your face dammit! :P

Look at her epic face! Hahaha! Asian!


I'm too lazy to photoshop nowadays :x

Then this is my brunch? Tomato and fish- healthy!

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