BBQ birthday party!

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So this BBQ happened like quite awhile back, blur memories as usual, I don't remember much, and I'm too lazy to recap.

The BBQ was to celebrate Ding Chao's birthday, which was located at his house. I seriously swear whenever I go his house, I would ended up hurting/injuring myself. The first time was when I broke my big toe nail, then I kept spraining my legs- BOTH LEGS, and this time, I sprain one of my legs and I got hurt by his bicycle.

Y I SO SUAY?!???? D;

Alright, I should write about it from the start although my memories are damn fucked. So I remembered I was working on that day with Xiu Zhen...




So I swear I can never do 'THE DUCK FACE', it's so damn ugly and my attempt on it sucks big time. I'm one of those few girls that really hate duck faces. I just don't get it why girls- LIKE XIU ZHEN- like to make duck faces. It's so horrible looking please! God, please just bless them all to stop this, this is a sin! Hahahahaha! Maybe 'cause my lips sucks, it's super dry and just... whatever. Don't judge me! D;

So I was one of the event in-charge but because we have work, and we have to buy a surprise cake for Ding Chao, we were kinda super late, later than the guests. Ding Chao actually wanted me to fetch our classmates to his house. Well, too bad for you, who ask rich kids stay in such houses that requires people to walk for like 30mins just to reach you damn house! Hahahaha!

Nvm, we finally got there and I know few guests were unhappy with me, they said I was supposed to be the event in-charge, so I'm supposed to be there before everyone else. I know this part was my fault, but I've things to settle alright? & it's not as if I've not try to rush down ASAP right? Gimme a break well ya?

Back to happy topic.. not really. I reached and I've to cycle out again with Ding Chao's bicycle 'cause one by one, guests were arriving. I went out to Kovan Mrt to fetch Yu Hui, my secondary school classmates for like 4 years straight? & also Kelvin. Then when we were 1/4 way back, Kai Xin told me she just arrived at Kovan MRT station. *peng!* Then we went back to fetch her to get everyone back. Phew.


This is how his cake looked like. Sorry, I don't know who took this photo, don't blame me if you have to turn your heads awkwardly.. I swear I tried to rotate it, but it looked damn weird so I've no choice but to leave it like this. Hahaha!

& I know you guys wanna see the surprise cake me and Xiu Zhen last minute got for him right? We bought from Icing Room 'cause we just wanna smash his face in it, plus Icing Room's cakes are horrible, according to my taste so since I'm not gonna let anyone eat the cake 'cause it would be on his face, then I bought this, & we could also design it! Sadly we smack his face too fast, he doesn't have a chance to look closely at the cake. Hahahaha!!



Side view of the cake!


We took a video down, but I don't know what happened to that video.. It was posted on my class group but my voice was super horrible in it, so I'm not letting anyone see it! Hahahaha!

Ding Chao's friend gave him 2 hamsters for birthday, & we played with it like a boss!




So I heard Ding Chao and Xiu Zhen were super scared in letting me handling the hamsters.. They think I would crash 'em all.. I don't know why! I mean, I'm so gentle please! D; Sad kid is me!!

Not only them, I went to XT sis's house to eat steamboat with her and our friends that day.. 7April, the day before her birthday. Then I was playing with her hamsters as well, then Brendon, Donovan and XT were so all scared! Hahahahaha! C'mon, I wouldn't hurt them please! D; *cries*

I'm so sad please, I told them get me 2 hamsters for my birthday, nobody dares! So I guess I'm gonna end this post awkwardly and cry myself in a corner... without eating lunch too. WHY?!?!?!

End with few group shots! :D




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