We used to love

by - 8:25 PM

We used to love, please don't make me cry
To me, it's only you
When I close my eyes, I see you - when I block my ears, I hear you
Please don't leave me
The person who became a light in my dark life, such a precious person
A day passes and another passes and I long for you more, even as I sing this song

You might come back, because you might return, again today, I wait for you
You don't know, you don't know how much I'm hurting, even as I sing this song

If I were to chose between you and the world.
Even if everything is taken away from me, if it's you, I'm okay.
Day or night, I'm thirsty for love.
My unseemly promise to forget you makes me cry again, can you hear me?
The only thing I want from you is you.
Without you, I can't do anything.
If you hear this song, please come back, come back.
The more I love, the gaunter I get.
To me, it's only you.
We used to love, please don't make me cry.
Please don't leave me
In the end, you turn away and you keep me away, I threw away my pride and like a crazy person, I followed you.
But my heart urged me on and told me
Not to lose you, who is the only one in the world I pretended to smile, pretended to be fine.
This is the last song I am singing to you.
Please don't leave me.

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