What is school? Oh wait, hell no!

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Hey readers,
Are you guys bored of my blog already? Haha, this post is just gonna be a mini short one. As you know, most polytehnics are starting classes today, yes, so was mine! It's good to be back in school after 8 weeks of long breaks although right now, I think I may need a longer break to heal my heart and soul. I've only recently realized that I could get panic and easily confused, which is totally not a good thing. Trying to save myself 'cause I know either this has to change, save myself or let myself suffer. Easy said than done. 'Cause no one actually cares if you're doing good or not, they may lend you listening ears but at the end of the day, the choice is yours to make and it's your life anyway. Too, you can't force people to make a choice to stay in your life if they're going to leave you anyway.
Oh why did I become so sentimental today?

I'm drifting off topic as usual. Back to talk about how was school today. My class started at 10 today and I woke up super early and reached school like 'round 9 plus? I even have time to purchase all my books, yay me!

Since it's just the first lesson, it was pretty light, except for marketing. I don't understand a single thing that tutor said and I wasn't even paying attention. I realized it was so hard to concentrate, especially when your mind is already filled with other things.. It's okay, hopefully this 'thing' in my mind would stop being in it, or I would really might flunk my studies this sememster.

& as we all know, tutorials always end early, so we were slacking our lunchtime away with Ding Chao, Joanne, Jastina, Yi Ling and 4.0 pointer. Why I called my friend 4.0 pointer? 'Cause he frigging scored GPA of 4.0 please!
Lunch is more fun when you've instagram to snapshot and candid your friends! Hahaha!

This Yi Ling cannot maintain, hahahahaha!
Stole Ding Chao's tablet to play! Hahahaha!


My lunch! Tau huey, thanks Ding Chao! & I almost puke them all out :/ Oops! Thank god I did not! & I have 2 plates of veggies for dinner. The end! Wow, best part was I'm not even hungry!
Useless dressing of the day, again. "I'm not fat; just well fed!" Seriously, this is so me!!!
IMG_0380 - Copy
This Yi Ling made new specs and it was kinda hipster-looking. & this is me doing a fail attempt on being a hipster. Totally cannot make it please.

Alright, gotta end this whole post awkwardly, as usual again.
IMG_0375 - Copy
"How can I just smile and pretend everything was alright when I know it's not true."

Love this photo! *insert hearts*

So... TILLTHEN! ;)


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