Catch my Starbucks fever again! ^^

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Hey guys, how you been? School's been kicking in and I don't really have that much time to blog, but don't worry, I'll never forget all of you! ^^ So sweet of me right?
Few days ago, I went out with my family to celebrate Mother's Day, just a simple dinner with the whole family outside since we hardly have dinner outside together.

How's my school? I would say my mind is always switch off during class, it's just my soul is playing prank on me, and like I've left my mind back home, and my heart elsewhere.

Plus my classmates are all mugging so hard, it kinda scares me, it's true. Whatever the tutor said, they just write 'em all down, while I was still trying to catch what dafuq did he said. Gosh, hopefully I won't flunk this year or I'll murder everyone I see.

& can someone remind me what I did last weekend? It doesn't feel like a weekend at all! I know I haven't been sleeping at all for 6 days straight, hence I fell asleep once I got back home.. sadly, for only an hour, then I'm dead awake. -.- & I rememebered sleeping quite late on Friday too, hence making my weekends shorter 'cause I woke up in the afternoon the next day.

I didn't remembered what I did, but sooner later I was already late to meet Lynn. It has been 2 weeks since we last went out and yes, honestly speaking, many things happened within these few weeks.
I went to Compass Starbucks to chill with her for awhile. Oh! Not to mention, I got trolled because I asked the cashier lady if the half-priced frap is available not. Then I came into realization I'm in Singapore, not U.S. STARBUCKS Y U NO LIKE SINGAPORE?!

IMG_0612 - Copy

I swore my sister said I suck at wearing high waist pants! D; Sad kid is me! She said my legs are long enough, if I continue to wear such pants that made my legs looked longer, I would be like some long legs freak o.o BITCH PLEASE! HAHAHAHAHA! You jelly of my beautiful legs? :D

IMG_0614 - Copy

A bad habit of mine that I need to change- STOP CHANGING IPHONE COVER!!!!! D; I always wonder why those iPhone users change their covers like their iPhone are like their babies. Because last time I only own a iTouch- but now I realized... *peng!*
IMG_0613 - Copy

Yes, late already still can camwhore, I love myself too much, cannot isit? HAHAHAH!

CHIONG TO STARBUCKS UH~~~~ Ordered Chocolate Mocha Crumble Frap, I've been eyeing on it for so damn long!!!! But I still love my White Chocolate Mocha Frap best! But I realized it's so sweet!


Lynn asked me what's nice, I told her New York Cheesecake, she looked at the price and she gave me the "OK CAN" look. HAHAHAHA BITCH PLEASE. But I told her this is nice, and since I've tried this before, I called her to get it la! Hahaha! Omg, it tasted nicer when they heat it up for us! Why didn't I heat it up? Don't bother, even if I know, I'm also too lazy to do so. Hahahaha!


Then we sorta chit chat awhile and update each other about how shitty our lives are. Oh wait- maybe that's just me.. ): I heard your life is pretty good yeah? Don't fret Lynn, when you feel your life sucks, think about mine. HAHAHAHA!!

IMG_0619 - Copy


And yes, what's the point of having a camera phone without camwhoring? Hahahaha! Btw, bus 89 you're so damn slow can?

Alright, actually wanted to continue to blog about what happened after meeting Lynn but I'm LATE to meet her AGAIN. Hahaha! I'm always late.
So- I shall post a photo of myself to end off my post today- because I'm such a self-loving girl~
IMG_0618 - Copy

DON'T JELLY, I'M GOING FOR MY STARBUCKS NOW, AGAIN! HAHAHAHA 3 days in a row, tell me about it please!



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