Korean BBQ! 8D

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Hey guys :) Photo taken last Friday. Damn, looked at how cui my face! My eyes looked so tired, which is damn true, but whenever I wanna sleep at night, I just can't fall asleep and I'm just so tired in the day.
But this post ain't 'bout me today, it's about FOOD! Seriously, I've this weird love-hate relationship going on. I love food but I hate it at the same time. Food is nice but it always made me fat. :(

I told you previously I'm gonna tell you about this Korean BBQ dinner with my family right? Yes, I'm gonna talk about it today! ^^


Man bok BBQ! It's run by REAL Koreans! & lucky me, that day they were playing T-ara's lovely dovey and all the songs from Big Bang's lastest album!



I remembered asking my sister, "What's the meaning of Shabu Shabu?" and she told me it's just dipping the meat into the pot or something. I don't know how to explain but I finally got it! Hahaha!

Just a random shot I took using Instagram on my way to eat in Da Jie Fu's car! ^^


Look! We were eating using Korea's style chopsticks! Kinda got used to holding it but feels kinda weird, maybe 'cause it's like so flat. I only used these kind of chopsticks twice- not a master of it :(


Look at the side dishes! I realised I've been eating Kimchi nonstop for the whole night. Which is kinda sad, because I lost my appetite recently and haven't been eating much, which explains why I only ate Kimchi that night.

Look at my Kimchi soup! Yummy! But it's not even spicy please!

Cooking the meat! Which is why I love this place, because they helped us to cook it! I mean, we can also cook it ourselves but they would occasionally came over and helped us to flip the meat and cook for us. Hahaha! Lazy people like me can go!


And my cold noodles! SUPER Q~Q~ I SWEAR! ^_____^


Well, that's all the photos I took that night because the place doesn't have service so my phone was like what dafuq but besides that, it was alright. But it's like always full liddat, shop is quite small and pack but food is nice!

Oh, and since you have read all the way to this point of the post, then I shall reveal where's the shop! It's somewhere at Tanjong Pagar Street, just tell that to the taxi uncle and make sure to keep a lookout for the shop! ^_______^

Alright- just a short post on awesome food! See you next post! :)

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