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Last weekend I went out with the girls to town. I realized after many things that have happened, time just move on and on without stopping for anyone. It just seems to me that I'm deprive of too much things, especially time. I've been staying at my past for far too long. I always like when I was 14, carefree and always doing shitty things with Jeslyn *wink wink*, or maybe when I was 16? O levels was tough and no life but I still could make it so dramatic that I almost ruin my own O levels. Haha, great old times that we are unable to return to. Something memories are what we only have, all we can do is to keep them close to our heart, collect as much memories as possible, living your life as fullest and greatest as you can.

What's with that sudden prep talk? Gosh! Before I go on about how great my town trip was, lemme just do some calculations..

Let me just calculate how long have I know few close friends and best friends.

I've known Brendon since Primary 5, but we were only close when we were Primary 6.. so technically speaking 7 years? Wow, how did I survive his stupid Cancer mood-swing for so long? Haha, I kid I kid!

Next would be Jeslyn, same Primary school but we get to know each other when we were 13. 5 years! Wow!

Many people are mostly 5 years too. Like, Fionna, Donovan and who else uh? I don't have much friends. Sobs. Hahahaha!

I get to know Lynn when we were 15 but I was only close with her after our O levels, weird right? I realized after O levels then I get to know more people. Yeah, it's true that I was quite an anti-social person when I was 16 because I was hanging out with my own clique and totally shut out everyone else.

Well I get to be very close with Xue Ting when I was 15, which was super weird because when I was 15, I became already quite anti-social but I manage to befriend her and we still contact each other till now.

Who else was I close with? I was quite close with Paopao for awhile but she is currently too busy with her own stuffs and her boyfriend. *sobs*

I only get to know Shermane closer when we realized we were in the same school! Hahaha! We should totally meet up to study again!

OMFG, too much too much, I'm already off the topic!

So I was saying I went to town with my girls..

IMG_1176 - Copy
Jeslyn, Me and Lynn!

Me and Jes went to have lunch first while Lynn joined us later after her classes. 


IMG_1161 - Copy

LUNCH TIME! Cheapo us eat cheapo food in town because I'm too broke!

IMG_1158 - Copy

Spamming photos nonstop like a sir! My eye makeup like no different in camera :'( sobs, FML!

IMG_1159 - Copy
I like the effects!

IMG_1162 - Copy
At least this one can see my eyeliner. Damn my stupid eyelids, cover my damn eyeliner :( Make my eyes look so damn small!

IMG_1167 - Copy

Yeah, then after our lunch, Lynn came to join us! We were shopping at the Flea @ Scape and I overheard these two aunties talking among themselves LOUDLY. "You know those youngsters, when they cannot afford nice clothes, they come here to buy cheap clothes." BITCH PLEASE! I totally rolled my eyes. Not all stuffs at flea are cheap alright? Okay, back to photo spam! Then guess who I saw?! I saw a lot of people like Nerissa, Cheryl Cheng and others but I managed to find Wong Wong and snap a photo with her! :D  

IMG_1163 - Copy
Pretty Princess Wong Wong~ Omg looked at my heart locket, pretty! Inspired Jenny Humphrey locket!

Then we went in Cineleisure and saw some sales and bought ourselves more stuffs! I swore I spent all my assets that day!

Look at Lynn's monk pearls hahahaha!

Jeslyn- picking out necklace, she was looking for some designer-looking necklace. Professional yet, don't you agree?

Then we went to ION to have my daily doze of drug *insert hearts* YES STARBUCKS- THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! HAHAHAHAHA!



IMG_1173 - Copy
Happy kid is me! ^_______^

Got a charm for myself! Lynn (Left), Mine (Right)
CHIO RIGHT!? I love my candy cane the best! OH AND THE LOLLIPOP! 
IMG_1175 - Copy
Jeslyn, me and Lynn! Damn I looked so slim here hahaha I like!

IMG_1170 - Copy
Jeslyn and Lynn
But dear Lynn, why are you standing so straight? D;

IMG_1169 - Copy
Jeslyn wear till very style uh, but mine is kinda anyhow wear :'( sobs. I just see what are in my closet (NOTHING?!!?) and match around :'( I need more clothes! It's a NEED, not a WANT. Hahaha!

Then after that we kinda went to ION F21 to shop and I bought a SUPER CUTE bra. Hahahaha!! Then we totally forgot we didn't have our dinner and we have to eat cup noodles from the 7 eleven because I'm too broke :') 

Fancy eating cup noodles in the middle of Orchard? ;D TROLLOLOL!

Okay, till next time! ;)

IMG_1168 - Copyy

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