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Sorry for the abrupt ending for the last post, yes I'm still sick but since I feel so guilty about leaving you guys hanging after my last post, I shall blog another entry now! So sweet of me right!

So Friday was the end of my exams but projects are coming to due date and I haven't start on any shit. Oh congrats me!

I swear I have like days not sleeping that week, which resulted in me being so sick right now. Oh well. Friday I went straight home intending to get some rest but Nana called me and asked me if we could meet up. Of course, it has been ages since we last met. So I went home and nap for an hour and went out to meet her. Then she wanted to eat Ajisen. Been visiting Compass's Ajisen more than usual this year, why oh why?

My Maki! *insert love*

Nana's Chicken wings!

Then we slacked and chit chat for awhile and busy girl is me, got a call from Brandon saying he needs to pass me something so Nana and I went to my void deck to rot instead. Jeslyn called Nana and we 'force' her to come and join us! Hahaha! I swear design students really dress up well...

Yay! Royce chocolate from Brandon! Thanks!!

I've read it up from someone's tweet saying Royce chocolates are awesome and in fact, expensive too. Sobs. Sadly, poor kid me is not only too poor to afford, but too sick to eat too. I guess I don't have the life to enjoy good food eh? Just got chocolate and fall sick right away. How to enjoy life!! FML! This shows that I've a "poor kid life". It really sounds nicer in Chinese. Hahaha!

Then I went home to change while I fed fat Jeslyn dinner! Hahaha! Then I need to rush off to meet MX because I'm such an awesome friend, accompany him for dinner before he flew off to Thailand. Oh, he is back already, lucky boy is him. I wanna go shopping overseas too!

But thanks for Starbucks yea! ;) White chocolate mocha frap~ hehehe.

Then after dinner with MX, I was off to meet Brandon so that he could go fetch Lynn from her school which is like the other end of Singapore please! PSB, Y U SO FAR?!?!

& this dumb dumb don't want to just go pick her up fast, went to Serangoon Gardens to pick his friends, Edwin and Joshua. I guess he wanted Edwin to see Lynn. Hahahaha! *ahem*

Then we took forever to go fetch Lynn and we drove back to Serangoon Gardens, wanting to have our dinner there but I really hate that place. No, the food there are great, but I hated that place and I don't really wanna have my dinner there that day, so last minute, we rushed off to Newton there and I swear my stomach was numb. Super numb. Had awesome dinner though.

Seriously, the effect on this photo makes the drinks like a fake!



Lalalalalalalala~ Elmo's world~

Satay hehe.

Which was quite funny because when we were about to leave, there were unfinished food and there was like 5 satay sticks untouched? Funny Joshua went to grab them by his hand and nom them down, epic please!

Obviously this photo is not taken by me, look at it, so blur and lousy taken... OI LYNN! HAHAHAHAHA! *Exposed you* I love to expose people around me :)

But I don't know why, dinner was damn awkward, maybe cause the table was too small. Resulted in me keeping quiet all the way and nomming on my own food. Plus, as I said, my stomach was already numb, so I can't really finish all the food. Felt so awkward so I used my phone all the way while eating! *oops*

Don't know why Lynn they all were using eyes to speak to one another. I was so lost please! My eyes are too tired and dead to communicate, ha! Maybe the only communication I can do with my eyes is with the dead. Choy!

Then after dinner Lynn suddenly suggested going to Airport and so we went.

Guess where am I?~

So we got down at T3 then Joshua and Edwin saw some trolley for disabled or what(?) I don't know but they went to take it and play. LOL

Like a child please hahahaha!

Then out of nowhere Brandon said go drink Starbucks, then I was like what?? I just had like white chocolate mocha frap like few hours ago? Hahaha! But still, we went T2 for Starbucks anyway~

It has been forever since I last visited the airport, miss the place but it brings back old memories. I don't even know if those are good or bad memories anymore. Miss the old times but.. it was gone. It has been gone for too long anyway. Many years since I visit the airport..


I forgot what did I ordered already. I think it was Mocha Frap?

When the drinks were served, we rushed over and grabbed it. But act cute me stopped everyone. "WAIT!!!!" *took out my phone*

So nice of them to put back and let me took a photo hahaha! Eh, more photos = more interesting blog post right! Then I was like "OKIE! DISMISSED!" *do the hand wave*

Hahaha I'm like a teacher uh, "class dismissed!"

Then we went to one side of the airport, I've been there before but I forgot what's the place's called. But the security said we are not allowed to be there but they leave, so we entered anyway. Ha! We are such badasses.

Then we were fooling around... mostly Joshua and Edwin, haha. Then me, Lynn and Brandon were talking when we saw Edwin and Joshua running across the room. Then we thought the security were here. Then we followed them and run too. Hahahaha loser, then we realized they were just running for fun. WTFFFFF!!!

Then we went home~ It was raining so damn heavily please! Then I fall asleep in the car *paiseh sia!*


Yes! I was drinking Starbucks with my Starbucks tee on again! Hahaha, act cute sia me. Hehehehe!

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