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Hey fella! I know I know, I've been missing again. I'm so sorry but because it was exam week and I've been so sick. If you actually follow me on Twitter (@angeluschan) I was already sick on the first day of June. Someone still told me June is the month of health. NONSENSE! ): *cries*

I'll do a mini summary of my busy week and yes, the reason why I'm blogging now is because I'm sick and I've nothing better to do and.. I'm too sick to do my projects. Ha, excuses.. yet again, full of excuses.

So recently, I've been going to some xmm xdd place called the Bbuble K. I think I'm too old to be in that place, don't know why no one actually kick me out.

Attempted to do Japanese because it was nearing and I can't even read a single shit!

On the day of Japanese exam, I swear I was panicking please!

IMG_1592 - Copy

Outfit of the day! :D

I bought this like 3 weeks ago when I went to town with Lynn and Jeslyn! Hahaha, pretty not?!

Then Thursday, Lynn came to my school to 'fetch' me. Hahaha, then I intro her to my another friend, MX.

The weather was so warm please! BUBBLE TEA! What's with my recently craze on bubble tea? Maybe that's why I got sick. Too much bubble tea, too much Gong Cha and Koi ):

Lynn's green tea and my milktea! Each a Cup from NYP but super tasteless that day, I don't know why! Feel like I was drinking plain water, yuck!

Actually Lynn came to find me, asking me to accompany her to visit doctor but because we were waiting for the slow MX, polyclinic was closed. See MX, two girl waiting for you under the hot sun, how can you be so slow!!!!!!

Went to Ajisen because Lynn said she was hungry.

Standard dish uh!

Saw this cute stuff on the menu, so I asked Lynn to order it for me.

Looks yummy right? Because I take one what!

But actually this shit tasted like shit, literally. I know!

So guys.... it's not always about the looks ;) *if you know what I mean* wink wink~

Then Lynn came to my house and I was so damn tired so I leave her alone and went to sleep. HAHAHAHAHA!!

Then Brandon said he was coming to find us. So we went.. I forgot where we went already but we ended up having our sinner at Old airport road.

What's sinner?

It's dinner + supper = sinner! 

But it's sinful anyway~

Food spam now!


OKAY! Need to let myself rest already, blogging is fun but I need a rest, sorry for this short and too quick of a blog post but missy here needs to rest. Too sick to do anything now ):

Till then~ End with my photo as usual. Ha!


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