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So I went to Chomp Chomp that day, yes, even when I was still sick. I just don't learn my lesson, I know. Went to the most unhealthy place of all, CHOMP CHOMP. Too much fried and chili, but I didn't really eat that much.

'Cause I was already super hungry because that day, 14 June, I went back to school in the morning for projects and for the whole day, I ate nothing but bread. So by night fall, I was quite hungry. No, I was super hungry!

Then Brandon came to fetch me, saying Joshua wanted dinner at old airport road, which I've no idea but I've been going there like almost everyday. But always too late to eat my tauhuey, damn!

He said he needed to go to his work place to collect something, pay slip or what? I've no idea but we got lost in Kallang. Awkward moment, he drove to a close road and Kallang is over that build of wall. I was like telling, how about driving through the wall?

Thanks to me, the "direction expert", we managed to reach his work place at around 9 plus but I was so hungry, I guess my stomach was already numb. Then he finished his business, we hurried to pick Joshua and Edwin up for dinner, which is like supper time already?

So sad for Lynn, because she had exam the next day, so she was unable to make it that night. Ha! Aw, don't sad uh~ *wink wink*

Okay, food spam now!


Quite badly taken because I was so hungry, my hands were like shaking. ):

& of course, #ootf

IMG_1789 - Copy

I swore my pants can't be seen because my shirt was too big. Wanted to tuck them in but it would still looked like shit.

Oh funny story of that day, was quite awkward.

Because Joshua needed to draw money from ATM when reached Chomp Chomp, he and Edwin went out the car and left me and Brandon in the car. Then we were like chit chatting in the car for so long and we were starting to wonder what happened to Josh and Edwin, so Brandon called Josh but he didn't pick up so we continue to wait in the car. Then after awhile we saw them standing outside the car like 2 meters away staring at us! WTF, awkward much! We got out the car and they were like saying "We've been staring at you guys for 15 minutes!" Gosh!! *red face* anal please!

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