Yummy food + Awesome movie

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Hey guys! Well, after my long and wordy post, are you all afraid to read my blog now? Hahaha! Well, I'm back to the usual me and today's post I'll be photo spamming all of you again!

Sidetrack, I was so hungry I went to warm up my "bah zhang" to eat but dammit, I forgot to on the main switch and I'm still waiting for it to warm up until just now I went to check and was wondering why was it still so damn hard as rock. FML -_-

Okay, back to my outings~

So 18 June, I went out with Brandon to Bugis because I insisted of wanting to buy some clothes from Bugis. I did only managed to buy two tops, one white and one red. Brandon said thank god he stopped me from buying more because he thinks I was shopping mad. I was actually setting my budget of buying 5 sets of top or something like that but since he said so... Oh well.

Well before all those manic shopping, we went to eat at Siam Kitchen!

IMG_1912 - Copy
Yummy crackers!

My food! I love noodles~ Problem?
IMG_1916 - Copy

IMG_1918 - Copy

IMG_1919 - Copy
A close-up of my noodles! Yes it was awesome!

Brandon's food!
IMG_1920 - Copy

IMG_1921 - Copy
Beef noodles! But super salty! *faints*

IMG_1923 - Copy
Look at the color of the milktea! It's orange! I was kinda surprise but it tasted alright.

IMG_1910 - Copy
"Don't take my photo while I'm not prepared and not looking chio enough for camera!!"
Look how camera shy I am! HAHAHAHA!

IMG_1915 - Copy - Copy
This is my failed attempted to look as if my chio photo was candid. Sadly, it doesn't look like at all! Instead, I think I looked like some blind woman, don't know where is the camera, ha!

Then we mad rush to watch The Dictator. I think the movie was great, super funny and it's not like those normal funny movie, you really can laugh all the way throughout the show.. well not all the way but it's like every 5minutes there are funny things or situations. Hahaha. Go watch if you haven't catch it yet!
"It is a boy or an abortion?"

Then I was kidnapped home. Hahahaha! Oh ya, here's a photo of this "super model". I will miss the car 'cause it changed owner already, sold off.

IMG_1924 - Copy
I swear he stand until damn gay. HAHAHA! Ahem~

Okay, I think I spent too much time Photoshopping and editing the photos. Time to go and do some homework! Good student is me!

Since this post is so short, lemme make it up to you by ending with a photo of me! HAHAHA! Yes, I'm that self-obsessed

IMG_1907 - Copy - Copy

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