7 years and counting!

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If you love my birthday blog posts, then you're in luck. But if you don't like.. I'm sorry but this post is delicate to Brendon. Overdue blog post yet again. His birthday passed like a month ago. 23rd June, damn why my blog always one month late? Okay! Not always one month late!

Because I've known Brendon for like... since I was like 11? So.. I'm 18 now.. 7 years! Yup, such long years. That's like the longest friendship I ever kept. Ha, Cancer and Pisces really cannot cut contact yeah? True or false you tell me. My other friends are XT and Jeslyn. Both are Aries and I guess I can really click with Aries friends, but we always get into trouble again and again. We are TEAM TROUBLEMAKER :) Then Donovan is a Leo, so yeah.. Not sure about that though. Oh yeah, congrats Donovan for being with the girl he fancy. 

Oh wait, I'm drifting off topic as usual..

So I didn't managed to get to celebrate his birthday on the actual day before he left it for his Poly mates. Darn, coming birthday, Donovan's, left his actual one for his girlfriend too. I feel like a #foreveralone because of my ruined birthday. Oh you don't know? Read it here then: http://angelus-officially.blogspot.sg/2012/03/my-not-so-exciting-18th-birthday.html

Time seems to have passes too fast. I'm like going to be 19 soon? Well, soon soon but not yet. Time waits for no one, and it seems to have speed up faster than I thought. I'm so busy being down in my life that I didn't know time has passed, months were gone and people come and go in my life.

Damn.. Oh sentimental me again.

Oh as I was saying before I cut myself off again, I didn't manage to book Brendon for his actual day but we met up on the day before to sing K because Brendon requested for it.


Donovan, don't need hide from my camera!

Like a skyscraper! 

Oh and XT bought cupcakes for Brendon! So pretty so yummy!



 Then after our singing session, we went over to DBG to have dinner! I demand for Just Acia, and no I'm not the birthday boy but I'm still super demanding. Hahaha, I'm such a demanding and mean person to my friends but no, I was really craving for it please!

My lovely dory fish, I miss you so much!


Totally forgot whose food is this...

Brendon's dumplings! Heh heh! Yum!

I think this is Donovan's?

I love KIMCHI!

My ice cream! I can never scope so damn nice, Brendon tell me how you do it!!

Lastly, Chawanmushi! *insert hearts*

Oh yeah, then after dinner we went over to buy alcohol and head over to Marcus Tee's house to drink with others. Jeslyn joined us after her work too! Miss her lots!

Don't act coy in front of me, it doesn't work anymore!

Then... guess who is the first to down? Fucking Donovan! He cannot maintain please, drunk as fuck. Puke don't know how many times. Who asked you to drink and smoke when you're so weak! Hahaha! Then his dad came to pick him up. Damn funny sia!



Oh I love to take people's candid photos~ Karma is gonna get me one day :'( Le sigh. HAHAH!

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering how does the cupcakes XT gave to Brendon looked like from the inside... Hint: DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAYYYYY!




Damn funny, I ate his cake and I puke double rainbow after drinking too much. Gross I know but, HAHAHAH! IT WAS AWESOME! AHEM! *Maintain*

Oh yeah, #OOTD



No photo of my face that day because even with makeup on, I don't know why my face still looked as fucked up as ever. FML FML FML! 

I wasn't feeling all that high that day and the following day. Nope, it's not cause of alcohol, but alcohol indeed magnify or amplify, whatever you wanna use, the feelings within you. Thus drink only when you're high. Don't drink when you're down because it would only make it worst and turn your sadness into sorrow. Don't ever drink your sorrows away because you will feel more worst when you wake up the next time. But whenever I wanna drink with friends, things always happened and my mood always get swing. But I swore I didn't get drunk on Brendon's birthday. I'm more like.. tired? I only remembered falling asleep in the playground because I was too damn upset and tired. Oh well, what a life. If I was in my happy and high mood, I would make sure the playground turn into a dancefloor. HAHAHA!! *That's what she said*

Alright, I shall let you guys guess what should my next post be. So stay anticipate! ;)

Oh yeah, happy birthday to Brendon.. You're finally 18. It's time to party and get wild... after our exams ;) Le wink wink. 


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