New hobby: Baking, Part 2

by - 8:13 AM

In previous post I did mention about me picking up a new hobby of baking right? Yup, with a little help from my elder sister and Shermane, I managed to bake two set of cupcakes on my own!!! Yay!! Although the first batch didn't really go out that well... well, that's because my mom, instead of putting the cupcakes to bake on the middle level of the oven, put on the top level. So it was kinda chao da. Overly toasted. Haha!

Don't believe me? Let me show you how it looked like. But besides the fact that it's chao da, it actually doesn't taste that bad! However, for my second batch, I received feedback that it was overly too sweet. It's okay, some people like too much sugar in everything, so it's still alright~ Hahaha!

Damn, so orh orh one! 
Okay!!! Don't judge me, I managed to come out with some decent ones afterwards! I spent whole of my Saturday doing it alright! I didn't go out, didn't shop and didn't play Twitter! FML Hahahaha! All my hard work okay! Plus previously I went Shermane's house and she helped me quite a lot, so this time I have a little problem trying to make it on my own. But afterwards I got the hang of it, so.. hahaha!

Chio or not!!?

Okay la, but some I screwed up. Stupid icing! RAWR!! 


Oh I love the box! But people were like questioning me, why buy gift box to put cupcakes?! Hahahaha! Don't blame me, it was too last minute and I head over to Daiso when it was about to close and they don't have different sizes of cake boxes, only one huge size which I obviously don't need so big! FML

Alright.. Oh wait, does this post seems a little too short? Don't worry, I shall add more overdue photos here!

Look how slim I was few months back?! This was taken at the first day of school I think.. Months back.. I still can't believe school started so long ago.. I feel like time passes too fast and I didn't even really pay much attention in school and lectures. I barely learn anything and I heard that my major exams are coming next month?! FML

Candid shot, but failed because YiLing is too camera shy, like me! Hahaha!

Alright, end with a chio photo of me and YiLing! ^.^


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