Breakfast with Angelus

by - 6:10 AM

As title said, breakfast with Angelus~ Today is a lazy Sunday, but I managed to wake up early morning at 6 plus. I was so hungry, so I called Ding Chao out for breakfast. Steady punggolite is steady. Hehe.

Met him up at around 930am but he was late, first time! Usually it's always me being late.

He was like, "So how? How does it feel waiting for people?"

"Not bad," I said.

Actually he was only late for like 5 to 10 minutes or so, so I guess it was alright. He gave me that "O.O" look and was like "seriously"?

I was like, c'mon you guys are always on time, that's why. I do meet up with others later than me alright! I still remembered when I was 14, I waited for some douche from 10am to 11pm and he stood me up. Why did I did that?! #blonde #dumb #bitch

This year, the longest time I waited for people, I'm not too sure, I think it was around 3 to 4 hours? Hmm, totally forget. But usually I'm the late one, so I really don't mind if people are late, just inform me and don't go MIA can already.

So we went Whampoa Market to tame our hungry stomachs. Hungry like wolves please!

lu mian! Super yummy!

Look at the meat! There are so much meat, there are even fish! Yum yum!

Their noodles are very chewy as well! Soft, but not too soft that the noodles will snap. 

"Damn, I wanna eat you so bad.." #foodporn

Omggggggg, love this, miss this!

Then after our breakfast, we went to buy more food, of course! This is Ding Chao we are talking about, right? We never stop eating, that's our motto. We live to eat! Ha! Fat die us! 

"Carrot cake, Y U LOOKED LIKE FRIES?!"

"You want? Hehehehehee" Haiyo...

Then we went to accompany him to give food to his aunt then cab to Kovan MRT where he throw me there to go home alone. Le cries.

Oh, tried this tauhuey. Too sweet, I feel like I was drinking sugar. Like seriously. Or maybe I prefer plain ones. I love Lao Ban the most la! Haiya!

Oh yeah, who can forget about #ootd?! PHOTO OF THE DAY! Today, I wore a set of weirdly matched clothes. Hahahaha!

Vintage tanktop, match with blue denim high waist shorts!

I need a new iPhone cover~

Okay that's all for today! Oh yeah, ending with my photo again! HAHAHAHA!! Lighting goes up, cover all my pimples away!!! People used to think using lousy camera and dark lighting can make your face look better. In fact you're dead wrong! Make it as bright, well, not that bright that we cannot even see your features, especially your damn nose would looked like a pea. HAHAHAHA!

Damn, I demand for a camera, camera stand and ring lights like some professional bloggers! Hahahaha!

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