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Recently I realized my life is too busy and too bored. Yes, I've been going out everyday but it's always either to bbuble k or to have supper in the middle of the night. & that's why I feel that I've fewer and fewer things to talk about! Oh no! *grab readers' legs* You're so not gonna leave!!!! Hahaha!

I need to spice up my life, gonna take more photos and head to town and other places more!!! Suddenly feel like going to USS, never really go ever since it opened like so long ago.

Okay, I think it's time to start making few to-do list, besides without a list of things you wish to complete, life would be just plain boring and lifeless because everyday you'll be living like a dead. But at times I really don't have time to do anything! Like take now for example, I don't know why but time passes so fast, it was an hour ago.. wait, I used my laptop for 2 hours already? You gotta be kidding me! See how time flies? Dammit! Sneaky bastard!

Alright I should really focus, this post is... Yes about food again! I've been eating and eating and eating when I told myself stop being such a pig and eat so damn much!! Argh!

So Brandon and I went to NEX to settle our dinner. I ordered Swensen's steak! First time ordering steak from their place though. I usually order pasta from there. I simply love pasta, I mean who doesn't? It's simple, easy to cook and just delicious. But you may think why do you pay so much for a dish that's so easy to cook? Nope, actually it's because I always find Swensen's service super slow, no offend. Or it's just for NEX's outlet. If you don't know, read this: http://angelus-officially.blogspot.sg/2012/03/birthday-again.html

Time for some food porn! :)



I find it kinda hard to chew to, but overall still alright.

Yay more room for ice cream! That's why I swear I'm not just getting fat, I AM FAT!

My yummy cookie and cream top, chocolate bottom with chocolate cherry topping ice cream cake! Yay!!! *insert loves*


Brandon's, seriously I don't understand why people love banana. Hahaha. I mean it's healthy... Ahem.

Alright, simple dinner that's all.

Oh yeah, this weekend I'm heading to Bugis with Lynn I think... hopefully I can take this time to snap more photos! I realized most of my friends doesn't like to camwhore or take photos when going out, and I would look like a stupid bitch for doing that alone. -_-'' Gonna go Bugis to cut my fringe again because it's so damn long!!! Irritating max! Should I trim my hair overall? So tempted!

Oh ya!! & also, thanks Brandon for the chocolates! Hahaha! I still haven't eat finish the previous one OTL He will kill me if he knows that.



So I was like thinking, wa, chocolate balls! Then I pop one into my mouth... then I realized it has peanuts.. no wait, it has NUT inside. Not pea, it's not pea size. It's quite large. I'm like -_- I hate nuts.......


But seriously, I hate nuts inside the chocolate. But I still appreciate the thoughts anyway. Which is like totally more valuable to me.

Oh wait, did I missed out something?? OH YA!

IMG_2283 - Copy
A photo of myself. HAHAHHAAHA! Why in the world will I forget about it?

People told me this photo looked like one XMM. Hahahaha, I'm like come on, it's not as if I'm THAT old.... right? Right?!?!?! :'(

So tell me, how old do I look in this photo? LOL!!

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