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Hey guys! I know I've not been blogigng much recently. That's because... usual reasons~ Too busy with school and personal life blah blah blah~ Which I guess it's quite true. & finally I've time for you guys! So sweet of me to update once in awhile. I didn't forget my blog please, I love my blog a lot, as much as I love all my readers!

So I guess ever since school restart, I've zero time to head to town. I love town because it's filled with young punks.. but sometimes makes me feel so old.. but anyways, town is fun because you get to hang out with friends, plus you get to wear pretty! Who wear so nice to void deck or friends' houses? Unless it's Chinese New Year and you wear pretty to get more ang bao hahaha! Ahem!
So I went town like on the 9 June.. omg that was like a month back! I need a life please~

Went out with Lynn, Joshua, Edwin and Brandon to town that day and here are some photos taken! We went XinWang to eat! Good and bad memories were here, but I like this place anyway.

My food!
IMG_1712 - Copy



Whenever I take photos of food or anything, people would shake their heads. Hahaha, what's the problem with taking food photo? It's food porn bitches!


Don't know why Lynn suddenly so emo. I think we went for a movie? Oh yeah, we did. Then we went to find Joanna, Yi Ling and Jastina.

Then I've no idea  how, but we landed in NEX.

& that's how I have hair fall problem and becoming so damn fat! ARGH!

Alright, today would be just a short post and update only because I'm too bored and out of focus. Been facing a lot of problems lately.

& yes, when I said I'm grateful for things and people in my life, people tend to ruin and screwed it up for me. Why can't we all just be grateful for what we have and work hard for what we want to achieve?
As much as I'm such a negative thinker, I also find negative thinkers are damn irritating. Those to the extent of whining and bitching about things in life. Just let go of the past and embrace the future. If you don't let it go and move on, no one can help you anyway. Moving on also means growing up. You can never stay at the same place for too long, you will never grow up. Grow up and stop being so immature... Oh wait. Too much info.
Too much thoughts would flood my post to become too wordy and I know some of you don't like it. So oh wells, bye! Till then~

Oh yeah, as usual ending with...
IMG_1708 - Copy

A self-loving me, bitch please! HAHAHA!

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