Rant rant rant! + CMI Pasta

by - 3:15 PM

No!!! I'm not dead yet! Been up to ton of thigns recently. No time to sleep, no time for anything. Zero personal time at all! Why has my dear life become like this?! I think it's because my exams are coming and everyone in my class are chiongsters (muggers) so I guess I'm the only one suffering behind. Sobs!

I really wanna rant out loud please! I don't know what I've been up to recently. Even my sister said time passes way too fast. Since Thursday (yesterday), I've two ICAs on the day itself, fuck why?! So I gotta mad rush.

I only remember rushing through many meeting for my Human Resource. We have had a skit as presentation. My group was the first to go. Even on the day itself I wasn't really that prepared at all. I fail you my dear team mates! Sorry! I prepared everything so last minute, yes that's my style. Because I think last minute work would always be better for me. Like my ICA 1 Marketing, I did on the day itself! Gosh, how did I managed to do it? Thanks MC for helping me as well uh!

This sem is like my worst sem ever! Cause recently I've faced too much bullshit in my life, that causes me to change- be it my personality or character. In fact, I like myself more when I was 17. I was hardworking, taking job while studying. I've far slacked way too much. This year I've been drinking nonstop too. Bad influence of my idol boy, Justin Chon. Hahaha, he's just so funny and cute!

So anyway, as I was saying, I've to memorize the script so that I could perform in front of my class. In addition, as the first group to go, either we must be the best, or we would just... suck.


I think my group managed to did pretty well. Only that I made a damn funny mistake which was like DAMN OBVIOUS. I said "please come for training at 10pm" PM PM PM!!! WHO OPEN BUSINESS AT 10PM!? I realized and immediately said 10AM -_- but everyone heard it. SO MALU can!?

Then for another paper, EFMA. Because the lectures, I've been chit chatting with Joanne, sleeping or looking at cute boys in the lecture hall. That's it. Hence I didn't even listen anything. Joanne at least went home to read and did her tutorials. I don't know why, I just don't have the time to do tutorials so I always fail to understand this whole subject.

Then again, my tutor always target me -_- poor me. Because her class is always 10.10am, with 10 minute grace, I always enter at 10.20am but she always insisted I'm late. Forget it and she always wanna check my homework, which obviously I didn't do. I can sensed that she doesn't like me that much. I mean, who likes a student who is always late and never do her tutorials? No right? But then again, I never pay attention in the lecture, so I don't even know how to do the questions at all. Keep asking Brendon to teach me but he don't want :( I pity myself.

No, it's not always about not listening in lectures. Sometimes my mood swing too fast and suddenly I was all sentimental and unable to concentrate in lecture as well. Especially from the starting of the school term whereby I faced a lot of things that I couldn't handle.
Anyways, I realized it's always me. I'm easily distracted by others. Let's say, me and you were to argue, I couldn't pay attention to lectures or classes. I'm this type of person, which is totally not good at all. How can my mood be depending on others? I'm easily affected by how others treat me. That's one reason why I really hate people. People tends to put me down. With feelings such as upset and disappointment, how can I focus well? That's why don't get too attached too people. When people make you upset or leave you, all of a sudden, your world seems crashing down on you, which totally happened to me. What did I do to deserve this shit, I asked. I still don't understand...

Oh well, why did I drift off topic again? Oh WAIT. I didn't do my EFMA tutorials again... FML.

Hmm, as I was saying.. hectic lifestyle recently, so if I MIA here, do note that I didn't mean to do it on purpose~ I love you guys very much okie! ;) wink wink!
Oh with side happy note, I attempted to make pasta! Which I think was kinda... bad. I saw this off Randy's blog and I decided to try but.. meh. Still able to eat though it's not that nice :(

Poke it thru! That's what she said. Hehe.

I thought it was cooked.. no it's not -_- FML

Finally done!


Sorry guys, I didn't mean to be a lazyass Instagram photograpgher, but recently the only photos I took is through Instagram upload because I don't have time to really edit the photos and I hardly take photos anymore. Only lunch photo of food... That's all. No time to self take and recently I looked like crap with pimples everywhere. I seriously swear I have not enough time to sleep and all. DAMN.

Alright, time to bathe and head to school. Don't know why I'm going to school with my work not done at all.

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