Seoul Garden!

by - 9:09 PM

2 to 3 weeks ago, I went eat Seoul Garden with XT sis and Brendon for lunch! Yum yum! But right now I'm too fat, so I'm going on diet! Actually it's not even diet please. I'm still eating a lot but I'm cutting down on fast-food and late night supper. I've been eating supper a lot for a month or so, thus I can feel that my legs are expanding and so is my damn tummy!
Okay, not about my fats now.. It's time for food porn! Hahaha, photo spam!

Yummy! More and more food~ HAHAHAHA!!

Not really that nice but I ate it anyway, that's why I'm so FAT!

Brendon, teach me how you scope so nice!! You be ice cream man uh! Hahaha!

Oh I swear we ate for like 3 to 4 hours? Yes and one trainee has a fucked up attitude. Because I asked him to change the hot plate, he gave me the look and I pointed him a finger... -'- I think he didn't saw but whatever! Tsk! Then because we ate for too long, he tried to storm us out of the shop. Such a bad customer service! Customers are always right! Hahaha, ahem.. too cocky of me but I really cannot stand that man! Trainee some more!!!!

Then we went to bubble k to slack~ Place for xmm and xdd hahaha! I swear I'm too old to be in such place uh. FML!!
Bubble k~

Okay, time to go~ Wait, ending post with Brendon this time! Hahahaha! Not me, because I'm not that zi lian uh! Hahaha! :$


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