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Hey guys, recently I've notice more about relationships and people. Sorta like how people behave during a relationship. Thus today's post will be about relationship!

Personally, I feel that I may be a little demanding at times, but all in all which girlfriend doesn't want to be pampered like a princess? So I guess this isn't really called demanding? But most of the times, I would try to be more understanding too. But as I may have mentioned, I am quite a psychotic person as well. Hahaha. Mostly because I'm someone that needs super lot of assurances, attention and communication, so I guess I'm listed under the 'hard-to-handle' woman group. Hmm, and let's say in a relationship, if my boyfriend does not give me the 3 factors I need, I would get very paranoid, sensitive and psychotic. I would begin to doubt and wonder. Every little things that doesn't link, I can always make them link.

I would begin to feel that my boy isn't true to me, or every actions he do, or words he said are simply a scheme to test me or something. That's why I said reassurance is good for me. I don't need that much, but those are my needs. He can be a poor fella, I don't judge.

Don't ask me what would I do if all those factors fail in my relationship... I guess I would say I would become a little psychotic? But I honestly don't know.

Also, I believe trust is meant to be earned, I can't just simply give it to you. If you don't earn my trust, I can't trust you. Even if I were to give you my full 100% trust, if you were to screwed it up, and lose it, it would be harder to earn them back. I've my doubts and I'm trying to protect myself, which I guess there is not wrong in it right? But since I'm also a believer in second chances, I may trust you again, but I'll be putting you under the 'watching' radar.

Okay, quite talking about me. I've also notice that some dudes in relationships doesn't know how to love, don't know that their words and actions would hurt and affect their girlfriends. Some don't even know how to maintain a relationship.

It's easy to love someone, but it's never easy to maintain a relationship.
Note: I'm not a love guru, I'm merely sharing my views and thoughts.

Trust her and never lie to her 
I think this is simple. A relationship is built on trust. By lying to her means you don't even trust her. Then what's the point? So what if she trust you? Lying to he may make her lose her trust her in you too. Also, one doesn't simply lie to a woman. Women can always find the truth. So you better be honest before she realized your shit, if not, that's when you know you're shit.

Be a gentleman and treat her like a lady
If she doesn't want to be kissed in public because she feels awkward, then don't do it! Opening doors for her and stuffs are great too. More importantly, don't force her to do things she doesn't want to. If she's on her period, don't make her have sex with you. Don't even ask for a blowjob, which that would be damn gross. She's your girlfriend, not some hookers you find on the street avenues... But damn, even you have to pay them for their services. Unless your girl is a whore, which explains as well...

Don't ever xia suay your girl in front of others
Xia Suay means embarrass. Be it in front of your friends or hers, I think this is called basic respect. Don't do such things that would throw her face and pride... E.g. mentioning your sex life with her to your friends? Or probably her dirty little secrets? Remember, your actions and words reflects how she treats you. If you don't show her respect, she would slowly not respect you as well. Or better still, find someone that would respect her better than you do. Don't anyhow spread rumors about her too.

Make her feel like she is the only girl in the world
I don't need to say, just go listen to Rihanna. Also, stop mentioning your ex girlfriends or your previous sex life or any intimacy you have with other chicks. First of all, you're attached, you shouldn't have any intimacy with any other chicks. Secondly, I don't know if you guys know or not, mentioning your previous girls to your current one is a taboo. ESPECIALLY IF YOU COMPARE HER TO YOUR EX. That's a NO-NO in a relationship and NO GIRLS likes being compared. No, you don't want us girls to go "yo my ex has bigger dick size then you" or "that skill you did, it ain't all that great like you said, my ex make wonders happened" LOL But just saying, you don't like that right? 

You can't expect your girl to do everything you want or behave the way you expect her to be, OR BE LIKE YOUR EX, simply just because she's your girl. Remember that she's your girl, you don't own her and you shouldn't expect her to behave like a trained monkey just because she fancies you or you're getting some actions in bed with her.

If you want to know how to be an awesome boyfriend, pay attention her her needs. Don't take her words too lightly or ignore her advice just because she's a girl. That's sexist. If you truly love her, you would respect her too.

And if you can't respect her, it's obvious it's not love that's holding the relationship together.

Don't even take each other for granted
In a relationship, both parties have to understand the efforts made and know that every little things they do for each other is a sign of love and affection that should never be taken for granted. Be thankful and grateful for the little things they do for you, because honestly, they can always not do that for you.

Learn to apologize and admit your mistake
Of course, if your pride and ego are stronger than your love for your girl, then I don't think it's love. You're too self-centered. Knowing your mistake is the key because we cannot also tell you what you did wrongly. You must paid attention to your girl and figure out yourself, we don't do spoon-feeding. Also, be more sensitive and take more notice of your girl because every little things you do, words you said goes into their mind and it really affects them.

Listen to her needs
It is needs, not wants. Needs like wanting to communicate with you more, or spend more time together- those are needs, not a want. Because those are the things she wanted to do with you so to improve the relationship, isn't it? Without putting in any efforts, I doubt the love would last and that love would slowly turn boring and dull.

Be supportive
Unless they are doing stupid things, like getting themselves harm or committing a crime, I think as couple, being supportive is good too. It also shows that you're no their side and you encourage them to do what's right too.

Put in efforts in maintaining the relationship
If you don't put in any efforts, it wouldn't work out. It may be hard, yes, but like I said, it's easy to love someone, but it's hard to maintain the love for someone. Efforts can be simple, like sharing your day with him/her, or take photos together?

Wow, that was a wordy and long post, so till then... Wait I shall add one more photo to this long post.

IMG_2566 - Copy

Anyways, I chopped off my hair again. Yes I know.. FML I looked like a 14 years old, I swear. Like some old woman trying to act young punk. But I don't understand why my mom likes it to much. She said, "Finally can see your eyes already!"


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