Le Princess and Shiny Knight

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It has been awhile! Doesn't have much going on in my life that's exciting or lively enough to share here. I'm been caught being too busy burying myself away and sinking deeper into shit as usual. I don't have time to study and I've zero motivation to study at all. It seems like I've lost all the battles this year. They always said, and they always promised, when people enter your life- they promised never to gonna ruin you, never gonna screw your life upside down. But something words are just words. Those words may be sweet, or bittersweet, but at the end of the day- words are just words. Powerful yes, you can always use words to verbally abuse others, but why don't you use words to make the world a better place? Words, they are a powerful tool. People, at times, doesn't know how to handle them well. & that's when God creates mute. But to those people who are privilege to speak, they don't understand the powerful of speech until they lost it. We, humans, don't know what we have until we lost it. At times we may be forgiving and have chances to get what we want back. But those chances doesn't come thrice, it's either you learn your lesson- or you learn your lesson in the hard way. I've always learn mine in a hard way. This way, I can feel the pain pierce through my heart even as much as I don't want to- it can't be done...

Oh what a long opening, so profound. Back to the purpose of my entry today- which is actually no purpose. I met up with my princess, Cheryl on the 5th Aug, last week. Actually wanted to meet and study but we ended up slacking anyway at Tampines.

We took quite a number of photos but I'm too lazy to edit all of them so maybe when I'm free again, I'll post more photos!

We went to Tampines Starbucks to slack awhile, actually I can't remembered what we did. We went to Starbucks but realized it was fully packed, then Cheryl wanted to have Mac lunch, so we went there. But she forgotten to withdraw money but we were too lazy to go all the way outside to draw some money. Nor we have any pen and paper... #BadJokesWithAngelus

Then we just settle the lunch and walked around. I swore the shoes I wore that day hurts like a motherbitch. I mean, c'mon, those shoes ain't for human to wear right? Never gonna buy shoes from Taobao again. They use pretty photos to scam my feelings and poor feet.

Oh then after awhile we went to slack at Starbucks, joined by my Twitter friends! :D

My dear white chocolate frap XOXO

IMG_2999 - Copy
Camwhore time!

IMG_3001 - Copy
I like this photo, we looked super young and having fun! HAHAHA!

We were stalking.. actually Cheryl is stalking someone in Facebook. You can actually see who on her iPad. I keep pressed wrong and le princess almost went crazy HAHAHA!

Look at her pretty hair! I also want! :(

IMG_3005 - Copy
Candid, the few times that I actually can just make it. FML!
But my eyes looked damn small here!

Then we rotted.. I mean, we were chilling at Starbucks until evening when we got hungry. SOMEONE KEEP WANNA EAT BURGER KING :( Say no to fast food, heh heh. Then we went to have prata instead! PRATA!!!!

1 plain 1 egg please~

Camwhore in the toilet!

Duck face Cheryl spotted!

Cheryl and her cheeky face HAHAHA!

THEN... Our #OOTD, if you don't Instagram, it means outfit of the day photos!



Pink socks spotted!

Just wore super simple on that day because I've no idea what to wear. My closet need to go for an exchange or something. Or just that my closet is slimming down. I can't find no clothes to wear!

Yeah, just a simple pink tanktop, high waist.. no really high.. middle waist shorts, and a pair of pretty but inhumane killa shoes.

Then we continue to rot and went to buy Gongcha to drink and we went home after that. Boring day, but tons of photos taken.. So I CLAIM THIS DAY WAS NOT WASTED!

What a date with le princess Wong Wong :> 

Oh yeah, I need to expose someone's phone. A fan boy of Rachel Tan a.k.a PXDKitty


Okay bye.
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