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It's been awhile ever since I went down to town already. Exams are coming yet my mind is all focused on non important things and people. I love going town cause it's like so fun... until I don't have money. FML!

28 July was... a Saturday, yes! I went town with XT and Paopao. Didn't managed to snap photos with them. But a food of my dinner! Hahaha!


We then went to watch the Dark Knight. I don't understand why people love it so much. XT said it was pretty good but I don't really find it that nice though. Don't hate on me people, maybe it's just not my cup of tea? Lately my taste changed a lot and I've become quite of a picky.

First of all, the plot was meh. The part where they trapped the police underground is just plain cliche. I saw this scene from other movies before, I forgot which movie was that. Rip off. Then overall 2hours and 45mins makes me wanna pee and it was all so boring. I don't understand why they have to throw batman in this... hole? I don't wanna spoiler too much but to me, the only thing that's nice- Batwoman. The end. & what's worst- I'm not even a dude and I said that. What the.... The plot is stupid, stupid and stupid. The only thing about the plot I like is the real bad guy.. girl. Ahem. But still- it wasn't really that focus. I think the ending was quite rush. I know it's against the bomb time but I feel like it's just too fast and the front where they start to explain and all that are boring. The fighting scenes are meh too. Okay okay, I get it- I'll stop spoiling and stop saying before you shoot me or something. That was plain scary.

The Jeslyn joined us after our movie and we shopped around. Wanted to go playnation but was all booked. We saw Benjamin Hum and Jeslyn gave the weird shy look. Funny max. I was so used to staring at him on my Instagram that I didn't realized it was real life. He looked bigger.. life size. Lmao!

Then we wanted to go AMK to pool but ended up going home. There was this cute guy that actually wanted to psycho us to sign some membership card or whatsoever. But we ended up chatting with him. Damn funny. He talked super fast and he was like, "Do you watch movies?" Jeslyn and XT said no. I stupidly said yes and he changed target. But sorry dude, I was penniless that day. Then I told him I download movies online. HAHAHAHA! He gave me the puppy look sad eyes. I can't maintain my laughter. Paopao was like "hehehehe" there too.

Then we went different ways and Jeslyn and I ended up camwhoring in the MRT. Lmao!

IMG_2699 - Copy

Duck face fail! HAHAHA!!

Me as AH BENG; Jeslyn as AH LIAN
The typical act cool twist and the ah lian smile with small Asian eyes LOLOL!!


Then we get more and more bored so I decided to ask Jeslyn to pose in the MRT and I snap photos of her. HAHAHAHA!

First I was like -_-

Then I was like O_O


Candid- Sorry Jeslyn, I can't resist ;)

IMG_2740 - Copy
Sorry I think my make up and face are really cannot make it that day. My photoshop skills ain't like XX or BQQ, I can't save my face for this one. But if you saw in my Instagram then good for you! Hahaha! Just look at my pretty legs here. LOL!!

Oh in case you're wondering why my fringe looked like some XMM little girl here, it's cause I went to chop off. Worst action ever. Now I bet I can't enter pub and everywhere I go- people assume I was only 15-16! WTF!

Laugh all you want, mean people! :'(

IMG_2673 - Copy - Copy
First day of my "XMM Hair"

I looked like shit here, stupid camera.

I can't even-...!!!

Okay, that's all. I feel like a bad blogger. Throwing photos here only but you guys prefer more photos or more words? Hahahaha! Time to get into exam mood but I can't do it.

My mind has been playing PSY - Gangnam Style since forever!


Okay- maintain uh Angelus. OKAY BYE- TIME TO DANCE! HAHAHA!

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