Catching up!

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I know I've been MIA for many days already. I was really busy with all my TEP and work. In case you migh be wondering what on earth is TEP, it means Teaching Enterprise Project, whereby students of NYP Business School year 2 get attach to a location in their own school and we kinda 'work' there. I managed to get into HumanLink, it's something like job employment agency I guess? Helping students to find jobs during holidays and many more!

The working hours are Monday to Friday, 9 to 530pm but I'm always on OT because meeting always ends late. Hmm, but I'm glad to have awesome people in my team! I'll update you guys more on my attachment soon yeah?

I've been burying myself in work so finally I've time for dinner with le Secondary friends. Misses them lots!

Met up with XT sis and Brendon at Compass because I've attachment the next day so I can't head out too far. & guess what we ate? Pizza Hut!

XT's pizza! 

Brendon's pasta!

My seafood baked rice!

Meatball! My love~

Chicken Drumsticks!

It really has been awhile since I last met them. I noticed I've been drowning myself with tons of unnecessary troubles. I've made up my mind to live happier each day, not for others- but for myself. I'm too young to face too much troubles, hair loss and grey hairs are not for a 18 years old little girl alright!

Friends are always busy with their own things, so I guess I can always live on my own, isn't that the case? But once in awhile, it's always good for some catching up.

Oh and on side note, I jailbreak my iPhone once more. Because I finally have time to meet up with Brendon. He seems to be always busy :(

Feel like we all have been drifting apart. But that's just part of life we have to accept, isn't it? Oh I better just shut up with all these talking..

Oh yeah! Pizza Hut is having some promotion I think? It was quite cheap when I went, like 1 for 1? I'm not too sure it is until when, but you can go find out more yourself right? Cheap things need some digging! So yeah., go help yourself with great food!

Before I end my post- (WTF WHY SO SHORT) -- OKAY I'M SORRY! LOL, here's cheesecake that Pizza Hut has. It tasted great, and I swear you guys should go check it out. They changed the menu as well I think.. Or just because it has been ages since my last visit there? Hahaha! Oh well~



P/S I'm really getting fatter each day :(

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