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Yesterday, I stayed home whole day resting. I finally have time for myself. Rejected all friends' requests to go out. Sometimes it's just darn damn tiring to having give away all your time away to people and having zero time for yourself. I've been like this for months this years. I realized just because of a day off from socialism, I managed to watch my Crazy, stupid love or something- totally forgot I watched it halfway months back. I managed to watch Iron man 1 and 2 too! I love Iron man, despite him being so douche bag. It makes me think why Pepper wanna be with him, dealing so much of his shit when she can just resign. Isn't that simpler?

Sorry to friends who are facing problems in whatever you're dealing now, but I've my own big issues to solve as well. I don't think I'm superwoman enough to listen to your story and give some good advice anymore.

I realized there are pros and cons to everything. The grass is always greener on the other side. It's until you're on the other end you begin to complain and understand not everything looked as nice as it seems to be. Therefore, my friends, don't assume and don't envy. Because simple take celebrities for example, they may earn big bucks with thousands of fans but who knows they may face family problems? Or paparazzi? Drug abuse? There are a lot of things we don't know, and we tend to overlook. It's just my thoughts. I've been through some shit recently. There are certain people who hates me and disagree with what I've done. But what's done cannot be undone. Things I don't say doesn't mean I don't know. Feelings I didn't show doesn't mean I don't feel them.

Hardest times in life are the breakeven period. I'm sure I can handle, after all, I've been through so much shit this year, a little more or a lot more doesn't makes much different right? If I were to break through, I would get stronger. Even if I were to make a wrong move, or a bad choice- I would always learn because everyone makes mistakes. You can judge me for my mistakes but understand that my mistakes are history. I learn from my mistakes, my history. & if you want to judge my past and mistakes, I can jolly well put you back in the past. You can continue to judge because shit happens, people change and life goes on. It's either we move on or we get abandon behind.

Hardships are reasons why matures and grow. Mistakes are the evidence of us, human, being alive. We ain't saints and we are all different. Sometimes people just handle things differently from us and screwed things up, but what can we say? What's done cannot be undone. What's screwed cannot be unscrewed.

All I've left is nothing but myself. If I should have known, I wouldn't have tried my best to keep everything.

Oh on happy note, here are some photos are totally forget to upload. Credits to Shermane for taking photos of me looking pretty without any form of editing. Yay!

I wonder what was I singing.. Should be some Jay Chou songs since I was spamming all of his songs that day.



Okay, this post isn't that all bad. Hahaha!

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