Birthday.. as usual?!

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I know I know, it's been.. 10 days since my last entry? Time really does fly when you work all day long. So last month, I went to celebrate my friend's birthday at Pasir Ris, Beach Culture. If you do not know, it's located inside of Pasir Ris Park. It was quite a nice and relaxing place as well.

Oh yeah but the amazing thing was that, for the first time- I actually made a wish on a Japanese lantern! It's just like that movie, Apple of My Eye. Oh don't get me started with the quotes from the movie. I love trolling people with that line.



Can't really see that well because dumb me didn't took any photos until it was so far away. We were all fearing that it would get stuck onto a tree or something, cute. You may ask, what did I wished for? If I remembered correctly, I wished for happiness- to stay happy and positive as long as possible.

Funny was that after making that wish, someone came to the pub and made a scene there. Drama yes, not a slightest happiness I would say. Oh but it is not up to my concern to say because I don't own that pub anyway, but it's indeed a shame that a pub was ruck like that.

Back to happy moments, who said birthday without a cake?


I would say Yi Ru totally owns the drawing of the cat, but one thing I still couldn't figure out... Why is there two mountains behind the face of the cat? She told me the right one was the body but the left(bigger one) was the tail or something.. Totally not what I expect it would be.


Oh and yes, to all you alcoholics who notice the glass of black shit on the photo above, yes- this is a pub, of course there are alcoholic drinks, bitch please! Don't expect us eating Happy Meals in a pub, do you? Honestly, I'm not quite an alcoholic- but I heard them saying this is called the 'graveyard'.

Still wondering why would Oswin gave a 'graveyard' to the birthday boy instead.. Haha, ironic much? Don't know how many types of alcoholic drinks they added to mix but I stole and drank a little- still works fine for me. Yay!

Alrighty, short post because I was supposed to head down to Avatar tonight but I got so lazy and no one wants to accompany poor little lamb here to go. 

Shall end this post with a photo of me, as usual!~

IMG_3487 - Copy
"I'm at a payphone trying to call home, all of my change I've spent on you.."

Bitch please, who said payphones doesn't exist anymore! Here's one for you, bitches! But MX, you really do suck at taking photos.. Or does the fault lies on your pathetic S2? Hahahaha, time for an upgrade~ S3 please!

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