Fat die me!

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Me is back yet again! Promise to update more often alright?


It has been awhile since my last meet up with my secondary school mates, kinda misses them a lot. I realized that friends come and they go, so is love. But what actually stay? Memories. Doesn't matter, each day we create new memories and we keep them at the back of our head. 

Back to topic, 10 days ago- I begin to meet up with my secondary school mates to chill and hang out. I realized that it has been a long time since I last really catch up with them. This year has been a tough year and I know tougher things are still on the way, so I'm going to be strong, I've to be strong. 

I went Seoul Garden at Compass Point with them and we chatted a lot. Then I realized I haven't laugh for quite a long while already. 

I finish the kimchi Brendon took in no time. I freaking love their kimchi please!

Spam ton of fish and chicken!


I don't give a shit, I'm eating this!

Anyone wants some sushi? Hehe, I think I'm so darn damn creative please! :D

Sushi on a fork!



Brendon said he can do a better job in photo taking, he took the photo above. But I think my 1st two photos are damn chio also please!

Brendon's Walls of Ice Cream

Seriously, what is this? LOL!

So actually after lunch-dinner, XT asked us if we wanna head down to town. I was like, seriously dude I wore tee and covered shoes out to meet you and you asked me go town :( FML! But I was going Dbg anyways to catch a movie with Zhen Huan. 

Then they went town and I joined them later. But I managed to watch The Fierce Wife. I didn't watch the drama though, but I heard a lot about it. I didn't follow the drama like crazy unlike my friends who did- but I kinda know the story goes. 


Although I didn't really watch the drama, but I think the movie is nice, a mixture of comedy and focus on romance as well.

The bubbletea from DBG MRT there. Strawberry!


Then I head down to Cine to find XT and Brendon! Got my iPhone cover changed as well! It's now pink with a cute ribbon on top and another cute ribbon behind. Brendon helped me change my screen protector, like finally. It has been terrible for like weeks or months? I feel like if I don't change it, my phone is gonna spoiled. Reminder to myself never to tear or pluck the screen protector out when it already has bubbles, especially not do that when I'm feeling stress or nervous. Hahaha, seriously.

Oh yeah, and XT bought a ton of pink things from everywhere. She got herself a planner as well. Damn, I want a damn planner too but I just couldn't find one. I have a diary book now but I need a planner, cheap one please. It's funny 'cause I visited G Market the other day and they don't sell much planners. They do, but the shop rating just suck big time. I mean, 2 stars? Should I try it? But I don't wanna get scam. Maybe I should try Taobao or elsewhere.. 

Brendon was like telling me, "I've a friend working at xxx, maybe can give you discount." So I was like, discount until how much? He told me $20 plus... I was like- NOPE G Market also around that price. Brendon was like RETAIL PRICE LEH!!!!! Okay chill :( I'm a sad poor kid here~

Alright, shall end here 'cause it's time for rest! End this with my favourite food!


Damn, my sore throat has been super terribly sick and bad for a month already. When can I have my lok lok again!? D;

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