Yi Ling's birthday!

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Missing me? So busy these few weeks, many things have happened, too much drama in my life that I don't know how to begin to write about. I guess there isn't a point in mentioning those upset things at all because moving forward in life is what I truly desire.

So, yeah I think it was last week? 28th September a bunch of us went out to celebrate Yi Ling's birthday. Blame Ding Chao for picking such an expensive fancy restaurant when I'm already so broke. FML. We went Serangoon Gardens there to celebrate!

So no more, photos of food are here to come! I'm such a pig (duh, now you realized?) Shit, shut up sub-conscience me! :( Sobs!

There are a total of.. I don't know.. Hahaha too many people. Ding Chao, Yi Ling, MC, Joanne, Sing Pei, Priscilla Honey, Shannen babe, Joshua, Xing Xia, Annabella, and Jesline. Did I missed out anyone? I think I did... Shit! Oh well~

MC's food!

Fat die him! Shit, why did I took such a blur photo?

Uh huh, this one look awesome. 

Yi Ling's food! Bacon!!!



I swore this taste awesome!!!

More Bacon~!


Curry bun please! LOL!!

Lastly, MINE!!!!!! BEEF MY LOVE!

Le wild onion rings appears!

Now I'm gonna move on to the drinks. I swear this Ding Chao's drink is awesome, I keep trying to kope his drink the whole night. Kekeke.


Strawberry! Hehehe.


Taste like normal beer leh, that's the price you pay for not getting the more expensive ones. Hahaha!

The birthday cake Ding Chao bought for her, I guess it must be freaking expensive. Apple birthday cake, I don't know where would sell apple flavored ones though, hard to come by.  Looks pretty, but the sad thing is we were all too full to eat the cake. Most people pass the cake. I ate a few mouth due to respect then I pushed all to Yi Ling, hahaha!


First time I gave a pass to carrying the cake. Usually I was the one who carry everyone's birthday. But it's Yi Ling and everyone expect Ding Chao to carry anyway, hahaha!

I still remember the conversation I've had with Ding Chao before going out with the cake in his hands.

Ding Chao: You want to carry the cake?
Me: Shouldn't it be you?
Ding Chao: I thought you love to do such things?
Me: HAHAHA! Of course but today is your turn. Yi Ling leh~
Him: HAHAHA, she don't really like the attention all on her uh..
Me: But I like! HAHAHA! But it's alright, you should carry the cake. I walk beside you.

Damn, it was so funny. Then when we took out the cake and I started singing birthday song everyone in the restaurant sang with it, so nice of them! We were seated in the middle, the biggest crowd as well. Oh man, that feeling was awesome!


Can you blow my whistle baby~ LOL so wrong god!  


"Honestly, I don't think I can cut this..." Oh I really can't cut this... OH YOU YI LING LOL!

Thanks for giving me the gong face. I can't stop laughing at this photo uh Ding Chao.

Le awesome me came up with the idea of asking Yi Ling to feed her hubby.. ahem, I mean Ding Chao. Oh look at Ding Chao's happy face~ Shy boy and shy girl.

Actually no need to hide your face uh Yi Ling, everyone knows it can only be you! HAHAHAHA!!
Nom Nom Nom~

Seriously, that night was awesome but it was only that my afternoon and evening were ruin by stupid people everywhere. Then I've to left halfway 'cause I went to find my other friends and I ended up not going home for three days straight. Oh wow!

I tell you, walking in the middle of the night was another whole new experience for me. I walked the whole Seng Kang to my friend's house. Then from my friend's house to my house then to Punggol, wanted to fish but it was already 4 in the morning so we dropped the idea and waited for 6am to take bus 83 to my friend's house. The next night, I walked from Seng Kang to Hougang to play pool and we walked in Hougang for awhile before we cab back to Compass Point to slack outside 7-eleven until 6am and went to my house void deck to slack until 11am I think.. Then I went home to bathe and went out to Serangoon NEX because I've appointment, return home to use computer and next day went to school. Wow, I think I'm awesome! So long I didn't get to ton until like this, tiring much? I screwed up my body clock, thanks uh people! HAHAHA!

Till then~ Oh yeah.. I still forgot to blog about my attachment.. It was boring at first.. it is still now but it's more busy because I realized there are a lot of things coming to due.. DAMN!

Shall again, end with my photo!

IMG_3540 - Copy - Copy

Thanks Yi Ling for taking my photo! Love you!

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